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Video Artists:

100x100=900 Project: 100 videoartists to tell a Century



About The Project:

To celebrate 50 years of videoart, conventionally recurrent on 2013, Magmart | video under volcano organize the videoartistic



100x100=900 (100 videoartists to tell a century).


The concept:

The idea base if project is that to evolve it is necessary to understand what of past must be once and for all archived. In this sense, to call 100

videoartists to interpret anyone a year of the past century, besides to constitute a really global narration of 1900s, rapresent an attempt to processing

the past, not by coincidence entasted to artists, and not by coincidence videoartists - due the moving imagine (cinema, television, web) is one of

characterising elements of 1900s.

Maybe never like videoart, an art has been so intimately close to languages of contemporary, at their grammar and syntax. And the progressive

switchover to digital of any expressive form by images, render always more subtle the wall that separate the artistic use of medium by all other uses.

In this sense, videoart can reasonally be consider like the form of art more inner at XXI century, and in this - hence - gifted of more suitable

communicative tools for comparison on this crestbetween the two millennium. For the same reason, is even - potentially - that in prospect will can

exercise a more significant influence on shapes of communication.

To approach, through an artistic and plural look, the history of 1900s, therefore want be - at same time - a coral and visionary narration of century,

its new reading in an artistic key, its interpretationand elaboration. Avoiding from a historiographical or political look, for its own nature partisan,

and resorting to artists look instead, subjective and partial but not partisan, the project want exite a collective consideration on near root of our present.

And absolutely freedom of any artist, which the only bond will be to focalize her/his own work on a certain year, presumably will bring with itself a

capability of unsettling, and at same time of re-alignment, of our view of century.

100x100=900 also call the artists to experiment a different context for their own production: indeed, even if interpretative freedom is strongly

solicited, is plain - in primis at involved artists - that global vision of artworks will determine a meta-layer of reading, that include and overcome that of

any artwork.

This consciousness is highly probable that - even if under unpredictable shapes - will reflect itself on creative process. At same time, this is the first

time that a similar project is tryed, at least for videoart, and then is an experiment itself.

With absolute awareness of enormous differences, the inspiring model of project should empathize with Terræ Motus, where Lucio Amelio calls

some artists to intervene - exactly in a global way - on an event of tragic greatness like earthquake.

At end of project, will be published a catalogue. Is our intention to cut a closed number of young art critics in this publication, preferably of different

geographical and cultural origin.


Watch The First 25 Years Featuring works by:


The Artists:



[Born in: Iran / Live in: United States / Female]

ALYSSE STEPANIAN - work on year: 1900


[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Female]

EVELIN STERMITZ - work on year: 1901

GRUPPEFISCH (Marius Leneweit + Rocio Rodriguez)

[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Female]

GRUPPEFISCH (Marius Leneweit + Rocio Rodriguez) - work on year: 1902


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

EMILY ALDEN FOSTER - work on year: 1903


[Born in: Serbia and Montenegro / Live in: Serbia and Montenegro / Male]

DANILO STOJIC - work on year: 1904


[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Female]

MARCIA BEATRIZ GRANERO - work on year: 1905


[Born in: France / Live in: France / Male]

HERVé PENHOAT - work on year: 1906


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

SILVIA DE GENNARO - work on year: 1907


[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Italy / Male]

RIES STRAVER - work on year: 1908


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

ALESSANDRO AMADUCCI - work on year: 1909


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

CARL KNICKERBOCKER - work on year: 1910


[Born in: Peru / Live in: Peru / Male]

MAURICIO SANHUEZA - work on year: 1911


[Born in: China / Live in: Canada / Male]

DAVID CHEUNG - work on year: 1912


[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Male]

ARTHUR TUOTO - work on year: 1913


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

NARA DENNING - work on year: 1914


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

APAOLO BANDINU - work on year: 1915


[Born in: Norway / Live in: Norway / Male]

ULF KRISTIANSEN - work on year: 1916


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

PIERO CHIARIELLO - work on year: 1917

FERRIE = DIFFERENTIEEL (Ferrie Maaswinkel)

[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Netherlands / Male]

FERRIE = DIFFERENTIEEL (Ferrie Maaswinkel) - work on year: 1918


[Born in: Italy / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

BARBARA AGRESTE - work on year: 1919


[Born in: Mexico / Live in: Italy / Male]

AGUSTIN SANCHEZ - work on year: 1920


[Born in: China / Live in: China / Male]

LIANG ZHAO - work on year: 1921


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

ELISABETTA DI SOPRA - work on year: 1922


[Born in: India / Live in: India / Male]

VENUGOPAL V.G. - work on year: 1923


[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Italy / Female]

MARIA KORPORAL - work on year: 1924


Watch The Second 25 Years Featuring works by:




[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

DENNIS H. MILLER - work on year: 1925



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

MARIO RAOLI - work on year: 1926



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Spain / Male]

ANTONELLO NOVELLINO - work on year: 1927


OUESTBROUQ (Adrian Michael Westbrook)

[Born in: United States / Live in: France / Male]

OUESTBROUQ (Adrian Michael Westbrook) - work on year: 1928


VIDEOPAPER (Didier Feldmann)

[Born in: France / Live in: France / Male]

VIDEOPAPER (Didier Feldmann) - work on year: 1929


SOUNDBARRIER (Pasquale Napolitano)

[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

PSOUNDBARRIER (Pasquale Napolitano) - work on year: 1930



[Born in: Egypt / Live in: Egypt / Male]

KHALED HAFEZ - work on year: 1931


MURKA (Maarit Murka)

[Born in: Estonia / Live in: Estonia / Female]

BMURKA (Maarit Murka) - work on year: 1932


EVO PREISNER (Roelof Broekman)

[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Netherlands / Male]

EVO PREISNER (Roelof Broekman) - work on year: 1933



[Born in: Sudan / Live in: Italy / Female]

LOREDANA RACITI - work on year: 1934



[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

ROBERT LADISLAS DERR - work on year: 1935



[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Israel / Female]

ORA KOLMANOVSKY - work on year: 1936



[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Male]

CLEANTHO VIANA - work on year: 1937


[Born in: Argentina / Live in: Spain / Male]


imaso.net + claudiomolinari.wordpress.com


[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Russian Federation / Female]

MARINA FOMENKO - work on year: 1939



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

LINO STRANGIS - work on year: 1940



[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

PJUANMA CARRILLO - work on year: 1941



[Born in: United Kingdom / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

DEBRA FEAR - work on year: 1942



[Born in: Israel / Live in: Israel / Female]

TAL LOTAN - work on year: 1943


ALEJANDRO RAMIREZ (Alejandro Ramírez)

[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

ALEJANDRO RAMIREZ (Alejandro Ramírez) - work on year: 1944



[Born in: Lebanon / Live in: Lebanon / Male]

ELI SOUAIBY - work on year: 1945

MANUEL DíAZ (Manuel Diaz)

[Born in: Mexico / Live in: Mexico / Male]

MANUEL DíAZ (Manuel Diaz) - work on year: 1946



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

GENNARO CICALESE - work on year: 1947



[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

ANN STEUERNAGEL - work on year: 1948



[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

HENRY GWIAZDA - work on year: 1949



[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

CAROLINE KOEBEL - work on year: 1950



Watch Years 1950- 1975 below:





Featuring works by:


[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Female]

CHRISTIN BOLEWSKY - work on year: 1951



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

CHIARA MAZZOCCHI - work on year: 1952



[Born in: Portugal / Live in: Portugal / Female]

CLáUDIA MELO - work on year: 1953


[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Male]


www.masinka.net, www.trans-forming.com/


[Born in: Canada / Live in: Canada / Male]

JOE HAMBLETON - work on year: 1955



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Germany / Male]

ALESSANDRO DE VITA - work on year: 1956



[Born in: Switzerland / Live in: Italy / Male]

EMILIO RIZZO - work on year: 1957


[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Male]

THORSTEN FLEISCH - work on year: 1958



[Born in: Belgium / Live in: France / Male]

ARNAUD BRIHAY - work on year: 1959



[Born in: Hong Kong / Live in: France / Male]

WONG PAK YIN - work on year: 1960



[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Russian Federation / Female]



MALAVENTURA (Fernando G. Tamajon)

[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

MALAVENTURA (Fernando G. Tamajon) - work on year: 1962



[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Male]

ANDREAS MARES - work on year: 1963



[Born in: Japan / Live in: Germany / Female]

ERIKA MATSUNAMI - work on year: 1964



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

FRANCESCA FINI - work on year: 1965



[Born in: Bosnia and Herzegovina / Live in: United States / Male]

ZLATKO ?OSI? - work on year: 1966



[Born in: Ethiopia / Live in: United States / Male]

EZRA WUBE - work on year: 1967


[Born in: Chile / Live in: Chile / Male]

HERNAN APABLAZA - work on year: 1968



[Born in: Israel / Live in: Israel / Male]

MARCUS SHAHAR - work on year: 1969



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

LOREDANA ANTONELLI - work on year: 1970



[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Female]

MARGIT NOBIS - work on year: 1971



[Born in: Turkey / Live in: Turkey / Male]

RECEP AKAR - work on year: 1972



[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Russian Federation / Female]

ALEXANDRA MITLYANSKAYA - work on year: 1973


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

PAOLA LUCIANI - work on year: 1974



[Born in: France / Live in: France / Male]

GéRARD CAIRASCHI - work on year: 1975

               Watch Years 1975-1999 below:


                Featuring works by:


[Born in: Japan / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

NORIKO OKAKU - work on year: 1976



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

SALVATORE INSANA - work on year: 1977



[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Male]

KHALIL CHARIF - work on year: 1978


BOLDIZSAR (Boldizsar Csernak)

[Born in: Hungary / Live in: United Kingdom / Male]

BOLDIZSAR (Boldizsar Csernak) - work on year: 1979



[Born in: Iraq / Live in: Italy / Male]

RESMI AL KAFAJI - work on year: 1980



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

ELEONORA MANCA - work on year: 1981

https://vimeo. com/eleonoramanca


[Born in: Spain / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

AZAHARA CEREZO - work on year: 1982



[Born in: Syrian Arab Republic / Live in: United States / Male]

KEVORK MOURAD - work on year: 1983



[Born in: Israel / Live in: Israel / Male]

EDEN ORION - work on year: 1984



[Born in: Serbia and Montenegro / Live in: Singapore / Male]

VLADIMIR TODOROVIC - work on year: 1985



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

AGATA CHIUSANO - work on year: 1986


[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

MATíAS MONTARCé - work on year: 1987


ILIANT0 (Igor Imhoff)

[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

ILIANT0 (Igor Imhoff) - work on year: 1988



[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

ALAUREL BECKMAN - work on year: 1989



[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Female]

RRONA RANGSCH - work on year: 1990



[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

FRANCESCA LEONI - work on year: 1991



[Born in: Pakistan / Live in: Canada / Female]

NIDA FATIMA KHAN - work on year: 1992



[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

COLETTE COPELAND - work on year: 1993



[Born in: United Kingdom / Live in: United Kingdom / Male]

IPHILIP SANDERSON - work on year: 1994


EMEKA (Emeka Ogboh)

[Born in: Nigeria / Live in: Nigeria / Male]

EMEKA (Emeka Ogboh) - work on year: 1995



[Born in: Japan / Live in: France / Male]

ISHII JUN'ICHIRO - work on year: 1996



[Born in: Vietnam / Live in: Vietnam / Male]

NISRINE BOUKHARI - work on year: 1998



[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

RUSSELL J. CHARTIER + PAUL J BOTELHO - work on year: 1999



The Unstitute is Presenting A selection of works with us


We will be working to display some wonderful works from

the Unstitute at our gallery. Due to the duration of some of the works we will be attempting to

create the First Annual Derby International Film Festival where we can display these works among others.



Physis- Fragments 1-9 'de Oratore' (47 min, 2012) https://vimeo.com/46481853 (please note that the parts of this video can be also shown

individually such as 'Soft Time' (15 min) https://vimeo.com/56876326 and 'Waste' (3 min)  https://vimeo.com/56805601)

'Over a period of 4 months, The Unstitute became the object of a series of Obscene Letters which were deemed unfit for publication.

The material was sent to a specialist named CADE; a catatonic who never speaks his own mind. Cade was instructed to translate the letters

into VideoForm for the purpose of public dissemination.'

The Double (58 min, 2010)59 https://vimeo.com/141284


On April 9th 2009, maverick video-maker and self-professed ‘outsider’ Arkhip Ippolitov failed in his bid to commit suicide. The investigation

that followed revealed a man on the fringes of sanity who had all but erased his identity in favour of living out his life as a fictional

character; a character doomed from the outset. Most curious however is that the process of his breakdown was documented and released

in the form of the award-winning motion picture ‘Goliadkin’.

This documentary, produced in association with The Institute of Film and Video Studies, Copenhagen, attempts to discern fact from myth

and make sensible the question: ‘Who is Arkhip Ippolitov?’

“It is ironic that he [Ippolitov] chose to appropriate the character of Dostoevsky’s Goliadkin as his own, for this is a character driven to

desperation by the strange and sudden appearance of his Doppelganger. It is doubly curious when we consider the circumstances of his

suicide, his towering resentment toward the success of his movie and the tragic codicil he sought to execute against himself. But what is

by far most uncanny is that this movie is a record of his self-destruction and that we, the audience, are capable of taking pleasure in the


Tomas Blauveldt

Video-Critic and Lecturer, Department of Unscientific Research

The Institute of Film and Video Studies, Copenhagen

Shorter videos:

Radical insecurity series http://theunstitute.org/Radical.Insecurity.html

The Flies series http://theunstitute.org/The.Flies.html

Delivery (12min, 2008) https://vimeo.com/10401587

Delivery from The Unstitute on Vimeo.


J-P Sartre once stated that the only free man is the man in chains. Stemming from an attempt to develop this idea, the film ‘Delivery’ wrests

its suspense structure from two cases of men seeking meaningful performances within confined parameters; the now infamous chess game

between Garry Kasparov and IBM computer ‘Deep Blue’, and the case of Anthony Blunt; art historian and KGB double-agent. Central to this

attempt is the production of a synthetic universe in which contrived scenarios, filmic devices, edits and sound loops constantly refer back

to the process of ‘reality production’ and the parameters by which individuals engage in producing images. ‘Delivery’ consists in a

deconstructed journey of the image of free choice and the absurd quest for a meaningful existential performance both in front of the

camera and behind it.



Royal Male or Coppola's Spyglass (12min, 2009) https://vimeo.com/7838441

Royal Male or Coppola's Spyglass from The Unstitute on Vimeo.


Royal Male or Coppola’s Spyglass’ is an experimental narrative about a woman in search of her image, her body and her expression. As she

encounters the male in the language that pins down her gender, her image begins to decay into archaic stereotypes of the feminine that

are rooted in fear and horror, and the language she is subjected to becomes one of violence. In an attempt to experiment with the

possibility of a feminine language the video emphasises the value of the interruption; in sex, in language and in image, and introduces ETA

Hoffmann’s character of the Sandman as the deliverer of dreams to the

sleeping, and of nightmares to the awakened.

 “How does one express the struggle for identity in language that does not fully capture the complexity of identity? Royal Male

experiments with the medium of film in order to reject the gendered confines of language and to create a new voice that explores the

possibility of agency through the techniques of visual

and acoustic interruption.” -   




 Video Artists:

Yana Sakellion




Pereselenije (n) from Russian ~ ???????????~ moving from one place to another, relocation, migration.
This animation addresses the longing, the waiting, and the moment in front of you in the process of immigration. It is inspired by artist's own experience, and
 is produced in a collaboration with composer Jonathan Kolm. Moving images and the music were developed simultaneously often informing and inspiring each other.
 Each movement represents a different stage of the migratory experience. Pereselenije, Movement I represents the first phase, "the departure", and Movement IV is
 the last in the sequence describing the stage of "settlement".
*The animation is completed using modified images/video and generative graphics (AfterEffects/Trapcode).
Full credits:
Animation: Yana Sakellion
Music: Jonathan Kolm, composition; Mauricio Salguero, clarinet; Mary Voutsas, piano
Artist bio:
As an artist and a designer Yana Sakellion works across mediums of video and interactive media. Her practice emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to a
 conceptual inquiry, with special interest in Experimental Storytelling. Yana earned her honorary MFA degree from the Department of Digital + Media at the Rhode
 Island School of Design, and her work has been exhibited and published nationally and abroad, including the How Magazine Interactive Design Annual, Video
and Contemporary Art Festival Waterpieces, Riga, Latvia and Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo, Norway. She currently holds and Assistant Professor position in Graphic
 Design program at the American University, Washington, DC.


Sara Al Haddad and Simon Coates

title: ???? ????? (We Lived and We Saw)




Sara Al Haddad is an Emirati artist and Simon Coates is an English artist. Both live and work in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Sara is a graduate of The

American University in Dubai and completed two solo shows in the Emirate in 2012/2013 as well as taking part in Art Abu Dhabi. Sara uses fibres and yarns in

 multi-media artworks that reflect and comment on the role of the female in her own society. Coates works in film, sound, paint and print in works that interrogate

the politics of emotions. He manages and curates the UAE’s only non-profit arts centre (DUCTAC). He also writes for the Harpers Bazaar Art Arabia magazine.



???? ????? is the first collaboration between Sara Al Haddad and Simon Coates. ???? ????? can be translated as We Lived and We Saw. The short film with

 sound is a reflection on gender politics, both in the Middle East and worldwide. The video piece shows Sara in contemplation as she embroiders a large quilt,

sitting cross-legged on the ground in the same way as women have traditionally sat to carry out their embroidery works in the UAE. The soundtrack has its basis

 in a field recording Coates made at an Emirati wedding in Dubai, wherein the genders are segregated and the man dance, chant and drum.






Silvia Dal Dosso

Silvia Dal Dosso, 27, Florentine native, actually living between London and Berlin, is a researcher in virtual reality, augmented reality

and cybernetic. She is currently directing various projects which involve the internet, the use of social networks and other kind of nets.

 She is using short viral videos or html sites as her main form of expression.





In the city of Berlin everyone is going crazy for a new smartphone app. Anyone with a

smartphone can play a sort of Super Mario Bros arcade game in Augmented Reality and

has a chance to win Bitcoins just by playing. One coin corresponds to 0.01 Bitcoins.

The citizens’ habits are tainted by the game. Coins are hidden all over the city, you can

spot them by scanning the local area with your device, but often they are not easy to

grab. People started to leave their jobs in order to collect Coins in the streets. All over

the city people are jumping and running around with their smartphones, trying to grab

as many virtual coins as they can, while the App developers’ identity remains covered.

“I don’t actually make my work – my work makes itself.

I use my Artwork as a means to express and study my own experience.  I offer it to others as an experience to relate to.”

– Amy Karle






Who are we? Why are we here? How do we understand our place in this world? These are the fundamental questions that Amy Karle is e

ndlessly confronting with her work. For Amy, Art is a means for the continual exploration of issues involving the body/self divide, material

and spiritual duality, transformation, nostalgia, transcendence and search. Her Artwork serves as an agent of awareness, both for herself and

for others, helping us to confront these essential questions that strike at the chords of truth and ignite self-realization.


Over the last decade, Amy Karle has allowed her Artwork to flourish and enrich the lives of others in various environments around the world.

Life itself inspires Amy Karle’s Artwork. Living fully present in the moment while simultaneously being conscious and embracing the forces

that have shaped who we are and who we will become, time, illusion, and the dichotomy of loss and fulfillment frequently re-emerge in

Amy Karle’s Artwork through time-based processes and ephemeral experiences. Amy Karle unifies the material and immaterial by creating

Art around and about the body that may function as a transformative device to transcend the material and provide an experience of the unseen.

This is integrated in the way Amy Karle often offers viewers situations where they may observe themselves from a removed perspective.

“Dressing up” is such an example where the wearer may be instantly transformed by garments that may serve as new “skins”, a catalyst for t

he foregrounding of transformative energies contained in the polyvalent body. Amy considers fashion a means of exploring such potential in

addition to creating immersive environments that the viewer can step into and participate with.


Amy Karle attended Cornell University and the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, where she received degrees in Art

and design and philosophy. Amy currently works as a full-time Artist, is experimental with new materials and media, and is working with and

developing new technologies with three dimensional recording, sound and scent. She has worked in the luxury goods, fashion and auto industries

breathing life into commercial products with her expertise of stimulating internal transformations through an external vehicle, informing product

experience via design. Amy Karle also dedicates herself and her resources to orchestrate large-scale Art and fashion benefit events and has

spearheaded numerous Art-related charitable endeavors for various humanitarian causes.


Amy Karle’s mission is to raise consciousness and touch others with her Artwork. With each piece, she opens the door to new questions that

must be answered next. This process insures that her Artwork promises to remain a lifelong endeavor. Amy considers her work successful when

the artwork functions independently from her and she contributes to its message as a participant rather than as its creator. 

Amy Karle is available for commissions worldwide.

Copyright © 2013 Amy Karle. All Rights Reserved.

Sausan Saulat


Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Saulat completed her Bachelors in Fine Art from The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Pakistan in 2006.
She has since exhibited in Pakistan and the US and her video work has been screened at the Passion for Freedom Festival, Unit 24 Gallery, London,
Alwan for the Arts 2012 Video Slam, New York NY, the VAFA International Video Art Festival, Macao, the One Take Film Festival, Gallery Zagreb, Croatia,
WAMMfest International, Towson University, MD and the Images Festival 2013, Toronto.

Saulat is an MFA Painting graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design, which she attended as a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship Grant.

Artist/Director: Sausan Saulat

Address: 1660 Peachtree Street, Atlanta GA
Telephone: 404.751.8837

Website: http://www.sausansaulat.com
Video URL: http://vimeo.com/36735788
Title: To love is to let go?
Time: 5:07 mins Date: 2012 

Category: Experimental Short

Synopsis: The film is a self-portrait of sorts that is a confrontational (albeit visual) dialogue I have with my displaced self. It highlights the fears, fixations, escapism and

anxieties of the protagonist, essentially representing a tussle with a dual identity of sorts- living between two parallels and altogether incongruous worlds. The West and my

home country of Pakistan.

To love is to let go? from sausan saulat on Vimeo.

Screening History:
The 3rd NY Arab and South Asian Short Video Slam, New York. August 2nd 2012  
The 4th Passion for Freedom Festival, Unit 24 Gallery, London. November 3rd 2012
VAFA - International Video Art Festival, Orient Foundation, Praça Luís de Camões, Macao. December 2012
The 6th One Take Film Festival, Cinema Tuškanac/Hazu Gallery Zagreb, Croatia. November 2012

The 6th International WAMM Festival, Towson University, Towson, MD

Images Festival, Jackman Hall-Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario 

Land escapes 2013 https://vimeo.com/63449766 


Carmen Tiffany:

Carmen Tiffany was born in the rural western United States in 1982. Her work deals with the fantastical

artifice and promise of children’s media and contaminates it with life’s, often visceral, realities. Carmen

investigates the deterioration of memory and is fascinated by the idea that people lose details and

mistakenly add facts that never actually happened over time. Carmen Tiffany received her BFA from

Minnesota State University in 2005, and her MFA from the University of South Florida in 2010. Working in several mediums,

including installation and video, Carmen has exhibited internationally. Recent Exhibitions and Screenings include MOCA Miami's Optic

Nerve National Film Festival, De La Cruz Collection in Miami,  Big Screen Plaza, NYC, and Three Walls in Chicago, IL. 


Waiting World features the main character Ratwing who is lead by a fairy through many different lands. I am inspired by dreams,

memory distortion and children's media.



Waiting World from Carmen Tiffany on Vimeo.


Waiting World, 1:58, 2013 Animation



Zoran Dragelj:

Zoran Dragelj (June 30, 1975, SplitCroatia) is an award winning independent filmmaker/videographer and author from Vancouver, British Columbia.

A graduate from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (ECIAD), Zoran holds a diploma in Fine Arts - Film & Video. Following graduation, his work has

focused primarily in the field of video production and motion picture.

Zoran won the first prize for his highschool, the King George Secondary School and the Lower Mainland Region of BC at Dairyland Canada's annual

"It's Cool to be Yourself" contest. Several of Zoran's early works, including When You Get Old (1995), and Moving Plates (1996) have enjoyed international

screenings at some of the world's top film festivals, and have been broadcast on Production Parade (Rogers Community 4), and Videoconexions Knowledge

(TV channel).[1] In 1994, Zoran received both the Joseph Golland Award and Memorial Scholarship for "up-and-coming filmmaker". May 1997 saw his selection

as a finalist in the 1997 National Apprenticeship Cinematography Training Program by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

A successful international film festival tour followed wherein Moving Plates garnered enough attention to warrant a worldwide distribution from a Los Angeles

distributor. ZeD TV (CBC) also aired Moving Plates in 2004 and Fast in January 2006. In 1998, Zoran created Aboriginal Kaleidoscope, a First Nations Film and

Video Retrospective, which showed at several international film and video festivals.

Most recently Zoran’s work was cited by Chris Gehman and Steve Reinke in their book The Sharpest Point: Animation at the End of Cinema.[2] In

2005 he presented his first major retrospective of his films and videos in FlorenceItaly. In addition, some of his short films were recently exhibited in 

New YorkTorontoLondonBerlinViennaMadridMontréalSao PauloStockholm and Vancouver galleries.

Zoran also developed an interactive CD ROM for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia’s (ICBC) Road Sense Program, and has directed UNICEF’s

Halloween’s Partners for Safety PSA that was broadcast locally on CIVT-TV (then known as VTV-Vancouver Television) and CHAN-TV (UTV-Global).

Zoran in an active member and a New Media Director at International Press Academy and Satellite Awards.[3]

In May 2009, Zoran was elected as the first Alumni Association representative on the Emily Carr Senate.[4]




J. Robinson:

video: J. Robinson
sound: Ryan Little

filmed on an iPhone 3GS.




Arnaud Brihay:

Urban prayer to Buda: https://vimeo.com/51207687


Urban prayer to Buda from Arno_B on Vimeo.


  •  Brief artist’s statement/biography
  • Bio: Arnaud Brihay was born in 1972, in Belgium. He lives and works in Lyon, France. He studied photojournalism and 
    • audio-visual communication at I.H.E.C.S. Brussels and holds also a Master in Business from EML. Arnaud Brihay principally
    •  works with photography, video, mixing often these media to art installations. His photographic work reflects his frequent travels 
    • and trips around the world, wanderer catching loneliness, strangeness or intimate scenes which he gently violates. On the other
    •  hand, he produces videos approaching, among others, either instinctive sensuality, intriguing portraits and moving sequences
    •  extending his photography work. His work was exhibited in many events, biennials and cities such as Shanghai World Expo 2010, 
    • Traffic Dubai, Bruxelles, Paris, Lyon, New Caledonia, ... and was selected in 2013 to Videoformes Festival and 100x100=900

Lives freezing: https://vimeo.com/54995156

Born in Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium) Lives and work in Lyon (France)

<iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/54995156?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/54995156">Lives freezing</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/arnob">Arno_B</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Visual Art, photography and video


Arnaud Brihay was born in 1972, in Belgium. He lives and works in Lyon, France.
He studied photojournalism and audio-visual communication at I.H.E.C.S. Brussels and holds also a Master in Business from EML.

Arnaud Brihay principally works with photography, video, mixing often these media to art installations. His photographic work reflects

his frequent travels and trips around the world, wanderer catching loneliness, strangeness or intimate scenes which he gently violates.

On the other hand, he produces videos approaching, among others, either instinctive sensuality, intriguing portraits and moving sequences

extending his photography work. His work was exhibited in many events, biennials and cities such as Shanghai World Expo 2010, Traffic

Dubai, Videoforemes Festival 2013, & Milano, Bruxelles, Paris, Lyon, New Caledonia, ...

 Dubai Split: https://vimeo.com/54540099




Oliver Hockenhull:

Oliver Hockenhull works in film, video, hyper media installations, writing, and design. He’s an artist who is

adocumentarian, screenwriter, communication theorist, stand-up philosopher, essayist and lecturer.  He has taught

 at Northwestern University in Chicago and presented at Universities

in Canada, the US, and Europe.His media works — film, drama, documentaries, video art — have been called sharp,

smart, and visually elegant.


 He has concentrated on pivotal subjects: the social and intellectual import of the eminent writer, Aldous Huxley;

an experimental film essay on evolution featuring Richard Dawkins (and the gorillas of the London Zoo); an essay on

architecture extending from the early works of Mies van der Rohe to the steps of the Burning Ghats of Varanasi;

a hyper media installation that questions ‘chance‘ — as quantum indeterminate noise — to edit film; a feature

comedy collaboration with one of North America's most outrageous theatre group on Shabbatai Zevi, ‘the other’ grea

t Jewish Messiah; and now (2013/2014) a double versioned feature documentary on psychedelics.


He  has published critical articles on philosophy, cinema and media issues in National magazines and journals and

continues to explore the incredible power of cinema to emotionally and socially enlighten & connect.

Oliver has been deeply involved in the study, theory, and application of new media imaging and authoring technologies,

and has been a research  associate with The Centre for Image and Sound Research in Vancouver and a director/resident

at The Banff Centre for the Arts. "Damp: Contemporary Vancouver Media Arts", a critical hardcover book which he

co-edited and co-designed, was released by Anvil Press in 2008. 


As a member of WebWeavers Network Society, he contributed to the online launch of one of the first cultural

websites in Canada, and with Thecla Schiporst he initiate a premiere online gallery & curated festival for digital

media arts (digital earth foundation 1994 — 2000). His early groundbreaking hypertext documents have been

used in courses at: the University of Virginia Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities; "Tech-Sci Culture"

at the University of California, Santa Barbara; University of Iowa; Victoria University (NZ); the Rensselaer Tech.

Institute, New York State; and at the Institute for Social Theory at Keele University, UK.


1/2 of the film was shot using a hand cranked 35mm camera, a 1912 Bell and Howell 2709 — B. The other half of the film was shot in

HD. The film was hand processed and using the colour matrix and gamma of a hand made emulsion (using his own tinted blood cells

for grain — based on a 1930’s patent) the film was then transferred to high definition video. 

The work is about representation today 
— analog / binary — & electricity & hydro power & British Columbia & the beginnings of cinema via Eadweard Muybridge & the energy

certificates of the Technocracy party & the absolute value of noise & the year 1957 & regional modernism & the binary communication

revolution & Vermeer's “Milk Maid” & Poincaré recurrence theorem & the great Canadian cowboy singer Wilf Carter & Western

Culture & the concept of Grace in Catholic painting & the Tath?gatas of Buddhism & Boris Karloff as Frankenstein reaching for the



Vin Hill:




Artist Bio


Vin Hill is an artist and technologist. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, he lived in Des Moines, IA for ten years before moving to

 Washington in 2004. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Washington in 2012. Vin has worked as a web software

architect, database administrator, and systems analyst in the banking and healthcare industries while creating art in multiple media:

 music, film, interactive audio and video installations, and network-based systems artworks.

His work is an attempt to interrogate the sublime while accepting the answers may be beyond our grasp. Vin places significant

importance on using computers to act as his agents in this interrogation, performing complicated actions in a coordinated way based

 on flexible rules while in close communications with each other. He believes the answers are to be found between rules and

 randomness, intellect and emotion, flesh and machine.

Vin's music is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp under his stage moniker Oyo. He has exhibited and performed live

shows in the Seattle area. Vin was featured on KEXP 90.3 FM's Sonarchy Radio Show in 2010. He has lectured and worked as a

teaching assistant in Experimental Video classes at the university level.

Vin Hill currently resides in Seattle, WA with his wife Sabrina and daughter Maya.


Artist Statement

  • Do our creations replace us, extend us, or something else?
  • What remains / emerges when a signal and source are divorced?
  • What is the relationship between the knowable, expressible, and interpretable?

My work is a response these questions while accepting the answers may be beyond our grasp. Crucial to this endeavor is the embrace of

cutting edge technologies such as computer vision, real-time video editing, the use of datasets collected via information networks, and

various psychoacoustic techniques.

I place significant importance on using computers to act as my agents, performing complicated actions in a coordinated way based on

flexible rules I define. My influences are numerous and varied. Several of the most important are Vito Acconci, Gary Hill, James Coupe,

Paul Lansky, and Steve Reich. These artists exemplify elements of my artistic credo: that the answers I’m looking for are to be found

between rules and randomness, intellect and emotion, flesh and machine.

The answers I'm looking for are ultimately inside us.

Stay tuned for his next exciting interactive project:
Project Title
Short Project Description
An interactive video installation which raises questions about position, power, privilege, pleasure, and the visibility of their exercise.
Project Discipline(s)
Visual, Installation, New Media, Interactive, Video
Project Description
“!watching” is an interactive video installation inspired by works from three artists: Titian’s “Venus of Urbino”, Manet’s “Olympia”, and
Guy Bourdin’s “Mistressand Maid”. These works depict women as an earthly version of Venus, speaking to sociopolitical power arrangements
. !watching uses these ideas as a starting point. I present three models – one in an evening gown, two dressed as housekeepers – engaged in
a power exchange. Each one becomes Venus while serviced by the others, the current Venus signified by the “crown” of red high heels
lovingly placed on her feet. The work is displayed on a large HDTV. As viewers approach the display, the models stop and stare at the
audience. This is done using a camera mounted near the display. The camera captures live video of the viewers and uses custom software to
recognize faces and alter the video in real time.

About The Artist:
I am a working artist with a lifelong interest in the use of technology. I have studied and used project management techniques, multiple
computer languages, and knowledge about building computer systems to achieve various creative ends for the past decade. I am also an
electronic music performer / composer who has self-published two albums and presented my music during an hour long recorded
performance on KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle, WA as part of the Sonarchy program in 2010.
In 2012, I earned a BA in Political Science and BFA and in Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington. I studied
under artists Shawn Brixey and James Coupe, and composer Joshua Parmenter. My focuses were sound installations, experimental video,
and using computer systems as an art medium. My previous projects included a sound installation in a library which used networked
computers hidden in library shelves which read aloud algorithmic poetry generated from texts appropriated from internet news sources
(Logos Zontanos (2011)) and a video installation which relied on computer vision and sand to control a montage (Ken (2012)).



Scott Butler:



"Scott Butler, currently located in Los Angeles has been active both professionally and non-professionally in the art scene for nearly 25 years.

He has had a long career as a digital artist in the video games industry and several years as an actor in both film and television. He also enjoys

writing music, something he has been doing on and off since his teens." 

"Scott Butler, currently located in Los Angeles has been active both professionally and non-professionally

in the art scene for nearly 25 years. He has had a long career as a digital artist in the video games industry

and sverayears as an actor in both film and television. He also enjoys writing music, something he has been

doing on and off since his teen

Ambrose Yalley: 

Artist Statement:


Ambrose Yalley is a Visual artist as well as a Writer and Filmmaker based in London, UK.

Yalley’s work is anxiously eccentric, sincerely offbeat, constructive and observing the intimate bizarre.

His immense interest in ‘unstudied emotions’ grows further in his work, motivated to make discoveries about individuals in situations.

Yalley’s work explores the ambiguities and clout contact that are part of the processes of interaction. The artist’s endeavours to

enhance and push characterisations through non-closure.



The Surroundings and its Bearings


What seems like ‘love’ to the surroundings and its bearings of a street, a conversational of particulars between a couple, heads

straight towards a breakup through ‘whispers to each other’s ears’.




Pyramid Pyramid - Salome

Dog owners and dogs bark alongside each other in aid towards 'self reward'.





Jesse Russell Brooks &  Alexzenia Davis:

Jesse Russell Brooks

For more information detailing the film “Make Me A Doorway” Please contact:
JesseBrooks3@yahoo.com (or) Alexzenia.Poetry@yahoo.com
Jesse Russell Brooks – Director
Jesse Russell Brooks was born in Accomack,
Virginia and received a degree in English
Literature from Virginia State University. Jesse
spent the immediate decade after graduating from
school working in New York City as a stage
manager and assistant director. His projects
included Walt Disney’s The Lion King, Hedwig
and the Angry Inch, The Who’s Tommy and
multiple cultural events and large venue concerts.
During a short residency with video artist Bill
Viola, Jesse began to develop and author work as
a filmmaker and artist. Brooks now focuses
primarily on creating experimental film and video
that includes documentary, video art and

Alexzenia Davis - Writer
A native of Brooklyn, New York,
Alexzenia Davis began her career as a
freelance journalist spotlighting up
and coming artists and entrepreneurs.
With aspirations to mesh her love for
music with her passion for writing, she
has amassed a diverse background by
pursuing jobs that complement both
Davis has written for and worked with SOTAC Magazine, Nitram Knarf Magazine,
Creative Loafing, & Y2 Management.. Her work has also been highlighted in various
mediums including online, print and television.
Davis is a 2006 graduate of the renowned LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and
Performance Art. In 2010, Davis graduated summa cum laude from Johnson C. Smith
University with a bachelor’s degree in communication art/ journalism.
As poet and spoken word artist, her first book of poetry “Would You Love Me?” Is
available now on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Xlibris.com. Davis is presently an
assistant publicist for urban music at Interscope Records.


Log Line
Three perspectives represented by the voice of one woman investigate the memory of a
love lost while unerringly depicting the courage required to navigate a volatile gender

Short Synopsis
Poet Alexzenia Davis explores perspective and intimacy during a rush of mixed media
footage that visualizes the characteristics of time. The short film "Make me a Doorway"
is an experimental collaboration with filmmaker Jesse Russell Brooks that investigates
the memories of past relationships, what photography makes of love lost and how these
reflections mysteriously transform us.
Film Credits
Edited & Directed by Jesse Russell Brooks
Written & Performed by Alexzenia Davis
Film & Videography: Len Mazzone
Sound Recordist: Paul Gonzales
This film is a compilation of three poems:
"Make Me," "My Silhouette," and "A Lady's Psyche"
Written by Alexzenia Davis
Cast in order of appearance:
Woman #1 Erika Ewing
Woman #2 Alexzenia Davis
Woman #3 Laila Petrone
Festivals & Exhibits
Nova Cinema Belgium 2013
December Lab London 2013
Grand Junction Film Festival 2013
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art 2013
New Faces in Black Cinema 2013
Visible Verse Poetry Festival Canada 2012
Peach Tree film Festival Georgia 2012
Black Women in Film festival 2012
Co-Kisser Poetry Festival 2012
The Cleveland Institute of Art 2012

   rt Grease Buffalo New York 2012

Balam Soto


New Media Artist Statement:

New media artist Balam Soto merges existing and custom, digital technology with artistic concepts and aesthetics to create exploratory works, including 

interactive art installations,muralsart video and performance.

By merging art and technology, Balam provides a seamless interaction between humans and technology, creating art works that react to the presence or behaviors of

individuals.  A true “geek artist”, he first conceives the idea for a new project based upon an artistic concept - not yet considering the digital technology or resources he

has available.  From there, he makes it work, working independently on the artistic and technical sides of the project.



A prolific artist, Balam has exhibited his new media artwork in fine art venues worldwide.  Venues include the World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science Museum in

Queens, NY; El Museo del Barrio in Manhattan, NY; Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY; Queens Museum of Art in Queens, NY; Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art in

Scranton, PA; the Centre Cultural in Brussels, Belgium; the National Library of Cameroon in West Africa; the Art and Technology Corridor at the Three Rivers Arts Festival

in Pittsburgh, PA and Museum Miraflores in Guatemala City, Guatemala among numerous others.

Balam has received three “Editor’s Choice” awards from the World Maker Faire held at the New York Hall of Science Museum in 2010 and 2012.  In November 2009, he was

awarded the “Latino de Oro [Golden Latino] Award for Arts & Culture" in Connecticut; he has also received "Official Citations" from the Mayor of the City of Hartford, CT

and the Governors of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  In April 2008, Balam was honored with a Diploma of Recognition as a “Maestro,” a Master of Visual Arts, by the

National Congress of Guatemala for “being a valuable and outstanding artist with international success.” 

Balam is the owner of Balam Soto Studio and co-owner of Open Wire Lab, both located in Hartford, Connecticut. 





Jeremy Newman
Living Things critiques the depiction of gender and science in Cold War era B-movies.  In these films, women are
victimized as science goes horribly awry.  Yet, representational violence is veiled by absurdity. This
experimental video highlights the cultural anxieties, shifting gender rolesand scientific progress, which
fostered these representations. 
Jeremy Newman has directed numerous documentary and experimental videos. His work is frequently shown at
film festivals and has also aired on several PBS stations. He is Assistant Professor of Communications at The
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Newman earned an MFA in Media Arts from The Ohio State University.


Jing Zhou:
Born in Chongqing, China, Jing Zhou is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and Associate Professor of Art in
New Jersey, USA. Her award winning artwork has been widely shown and collected on five continents, including
Best of Show Award, SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Royal Institution of Australia, New York
Hall of Science, Instants Vidéo Festival in Marseille, Danish Poster Museum, FILE Festival in Sao Paulo, Visual Information
Design Association of Korea, Hungarian Electrographic Art Association, Horizon Interactive Awards, PX3 Prix de la
Photographie Paris Awards, International Photography Awards, public collection of the WRO Media Art Center in Poland,
the Museum of the Living Artist in San Diego. Numerous books and magazines, such as "Computer Graphics World,"
"Photo Techniques," have published her work. Jing is also a Gold Medal recipient of the Art Directors Club of New Jersey,
Gold Winner of the American Design Awards, and Silver Winner of the Summit International Creative Awards. Her clients
include international organizations such as Greenpeace. Jing’s multimedia artwork explores our common humanity and
reflects her interest in spiritual experiences, Eastern and Western art, literature, and philosophy. To Jing, creating art is a
process of deciphering her life journey.
project URL: http://www.jingzhoustudio.net/projects/inner_shrine
project statement: http://www.jingzhoustudio.net/projects/inner_shrine/statement.html

SYNOPSIS / STATEMENT Inspired by the poem "Journey Home" composed by the noted Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore,
combined with my writing,  "Inner Shrine" reveals the emotional and spiritual journey in searching of one's soul. To find the
inward space of one's own—the home of the heart, one has to experience life to the fullest. It is the most intricate encounter
that wanderers have to undertake, through which they find the essence of their existence and the answer for who we are.
Inner Shrine
The time and path that my journey takes are long.
I came out on the chariot of the first gleam of light, and pursued my voyage
through the wilderness of worlds leaving my track on many a star and planet.
It is the most distant course that comes nearest to oneself,
and that experience is the most intricate which leads to the utter simplicity of a tune.
The travelers have to knock at every alien door to come to their own,
and in the end, one has to wander through all the outer worlds to reach the innermost shrine.
The eternal moments travel through channels of light;
never can one grasp the mere feelings nested close to the heart.
I am.


Michael Woody:
Michael Woody lives and works in the Champaign Urbana Illinois. He has an MFA in Painting from the Savannah College
 of Art and Design and an MFA in New Media from the University of Illinois. Michael has shown in galleries, underground
festivals, on closed circuit video programs and has been featured in a series of pirate broadcasts in the states and abroad. 
His work deals with cultural and institutional knowledge and representation. Michael borrows elements from specific case
files and archives in order to explore the potential of historical revision.  His work expresses the value of immediacy,
 interpretation and revelation rather than seeking any appeal to precision or truth. Michael is currently working from an
obscure murder case from the Deep South, a family album of extreme bikers, and a 50-year history of broadcasts related to
the influenza virus.
Arlington is a brief video sketch that relates several stories from within a biker community in Arlington, Texas. It
focuses primarily on the role of motorcycles within the culture. The piece features the machines, depicting their influence
as a catalyst for important events within the member's lives.





Kevin Logan:

Kevin’s cross-disciplinary practice spans over two decades, comprising installation, digital media

and sound composition/design. He has exhibited and performed internationally, has had sound

works on compilation CDs and audio-visual works screened in festivals worldwide. He is currently

 a PhD student at University of the Arts London, where his research explores the sonic through

gesture and performance.

‘Seamless’ by Kevin Logan (Audience Programme Note)

‘Seamless’ is  a compositional performance mediated through the lens of two video cameras.  An unidentified man sits at a table, he sonically manipulates

 a teapot, smashes it – then reconstructs it using Gaffer tape. Jump cut edited, what starts as aural documentation evolves into an electroacoustic composition.

Seamless’ objectifies the faceless entertainer, dislocating the event from its history. 

With a nod to the oeuvre of Tommy Cooper, if Laurel and Hardy were to have extended their ineptitude into the practice of musique concrete, their 1932 short film

The Music Box’ may have been a precursor to this.

The title ‘Seamless’ makes reference to kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of fixing pottery with lacquer resin seams, whilst also winking ironically at the virtuoso dance

 music DJ in his / her endeavour to make the transition from one record to another imperceptible. Although the incitement by traditional ceramic restoration methods is one

of a more esoteric nature, this strategy for a composition takes these notions then re-punks and re-purposes them. Its inspiration extends from Vaudeville to Metzger’s

1959 manifesto ‘Auto-Destructive Art’, from the unpredictable humour of Fluxus concerts, to contemporary laptop electronica.




toban nichols
Like most things created by humans, computers often break-down while doing the work they were
programed to do. I exploit these weaknesses, using the flaws as the genesis of my art. Through
“databending” (forced errors or subverted “natural” function), I wrestle control away from the
computer that results in unique digital output. The investigation of this distortion produces a
self-reflexive understanding of digital technology that appropriates the semiotic nature of visual
language. These images are then manipulated into a photographic or video medium. The final
pictures attempt to destroy and reconstruct cultural significance and raise questions about the
mediation of art vis-a-vis technology.
Moreover, the forced glitches create a simple aesthetic that is rich in color and texture. Stripes
become convoluted and intermixed; light and dark turn and twist into each other creating a
dramatically chaotic architecture. Unique formal qualities of texture, light and motion are formed;
 and, contrast and flow growing more evident. Furthermore, pulsing, glowing light and patterns
suggest movement and exploded and degraded pixels mutate into inorganic shapes. The data of
this process is recorded to construct a digital terrain that striving to familiarize the now unfamiliar.

Semaphore (of Dendroid Origin)
single channel video, running time:14:11, 2011


Conceived as an origin video to the photographic series Dendroid--a collision

between the digital landscape and landscape photography--Toban Nichols

expands on this investigation with Semaphore. Traditionally, a “semaphore” was

a train signal that indicated the state of the track ahead and how a train should

advance, such as: clear, caution or stop.

In the video, we see scenes of two people in a domestic space which alternate

between panoramic vistas of rolling foothills, a craggy coast and an urban

shipyard. The semaphores--the man and woman--perform seemingly arbitrary

gestures which then allow the viewer to proceed into the meditative landscapes.

 Keeping with his distinctive process of manipulating technology, Nichols elevates

his deconstructionist tendencies creating vibrantly colored star-burst explosions and kaleidoscopic

“semaphorms” that whimsically transform and dissolve back into the scenes.

The digital distortion layered on top of picturesque tableaus (and the canned

sounds of nature) suggest the way technology has mediated our interpretation

 of the surrounding environment and the transient ebb and flow of the

 techno-distortion highlights how visual/ digital information invades our daily

routines. Additionally, Semaphore considers the exponential rate of technological

advancement (predicated by Moore’s Law) and society's unquestioning forward

march toward a mutable and unforeseen future.

-Craig M. Corpora
   (Art) Writer


Tina Willgren



1999-2005 Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (MA)
2011-2012 Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sound Art (MA)


Exhibitions, festivals and screenings:


"Now What", Microscope Gallery, New York, USA


"No, no, I hardly ever miss a show", Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland
"Videonight", Singel222 Studio Building, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.
"Super NOVA", Gallerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin, Germany
"Planet Bicycle", Tricyclon, Athens, Greece (Festival Miden program)
"Filmideo", Index Art Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA
"Ängelholm International Video Festival", Ängelholm, Sweden
"Gnisslingar i en grop", Forum, Stockholm, Sweden
"Intercept 4:7", Multiplexer, Las Vegas, USA
"OTopia301 festival", OT301, Amsterdam, Holland
"Just a Minute Festival", internet
"Cyberfest 2012", S:t Petersburg, Russia


"WPA Experimental Media Series"
- The Phillips Collection, Washington DC, USA
- Falvey Hall, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD, USA
- Montgomery College, Silver Spring, MD, USA
- Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington DC, USA
- The Ibrahim Theater at International House Philadelphia, USA
"Directors Lounge Media Art Festival", Berlin, Germany
"Lightworks", Grimsby Minster, Grimsby,UK
"West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival", Morgantown, WV, USA
"Konstakademiens stipendiater", Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
"Athens Video Art Festival", Athens, Greece
"Animacall", Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Greece
"Outcasting, A Century of Artists´ Films", Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan, UK
"Festval Miden" Kalamata, Greece
-“Planet bicycle”. Kardamili, Mani, Greece
-VisualcontainerTV, internet
"Unbekannte Zukunft", Bluebanana Video Art Contest, Landau, Germany
"Festival internazionale del Cinema d'Arte, Bergamo, Italy
"Videoholica", Varna, Bulgaria
"Facade Video Festival", Plovdiv, Bulgaria

"New Screen", Tyneside Cinema and Side Cinema & Gallery, Newcastle, UK
"Naoussa International Film Festival", Naoussa, Greece
"Sounding Door", Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Germany
"This is a Recording", Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, Arizona, USA
"24th Festival Les Instants Vidéo", Marseille, France
"The Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival", Malaysia
"Streaming Festival", internet/the Netherlands
"MADATAC03", Cineteca Matadero, Madrid, Spain
"Videomedeja", Novi Sad, Serbia


“700IS Hreyndyraland”, Egilsstadir, Iceland
“17:th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film”, Stuttgart, Germany
“10:th Extra Short Film Festival”, Moscow, Russia

“Oslo Screen Festival”, Oslo, Norway
“Camera Eye Essence”, V.I.P Art, Belgrade, Serbia
“12:th International Panorama”, Patras, Greece
“2nd AllArtNow International New Media Art Festival”, Damascus, Syria
“Video Art Festival Miden”, Kalamata, Greece
“DA Fest”, National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
“Flying Films 2”, Morgenvogel Real Estate, Berlin, Germany
“Naossa International Short Film and Video Festival”, Naossa, Greece
“13th International Panorama”, Patras, Greece
“Visionaria”, Toscana Video Festival, Piombino, Italy
"Izolenta", S:t Petersburg, Russia
"Giessen Video Art Festival", Giessen, Germany
"Pantheon Xperimental Film & Animation Festival", Cyprus, Greece


“Où va la vidéo 00.00.02
-Porto Astra Cinema, Padova, Italy
-Tina B, Prague, Czech Republic
-Kaunas in Art, Kaunas, Lithuania
-Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy
”Supermarket Art Fair”, Sumu, Titanik (Turku) Stockholm, Sweden
“Una colección de vídeos del MACE”, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Spain
“Projetaveis”, Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
“Pantheon International Xperimental Video and Animation Festival”, Cyprus, Greece
“Optica Festival”,
-Cordoba, Spain
-Colegio Espanol, Paris, France

-Cultural Center Antiguo Instituto, Gijon, Spain
“Sweden for beginners”,
-Raulands Kunstforening, Norway
-Atopia, Oslo, Norway
“Mit Blick auf den Ton”, Kunstfilmtag 09, Duesseldorf, Germany
”Medien-Kunst-Tage”, (Videonale program), Goethe-Institut, Kyoto, Japan
”Outcasting”, Season 10, www.outcasting.org


“24/7 DIY Video Summit”, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
“T 10 Video Festival”, Grand 21, Oakland, CA, USA
“Art Video Screening”, Café Bio Roxy, Örebro, Sweden
“International Video Festival Bochum”, Bochum, Germany
“Naossa International Short Film and Video Festival, Naossa, Greece
“Electric Rats Dream Video Dreams”, Celje, Slovenia
“Video Art Festival Miden”, Kalamata, Greece
“Videominuto”, Centro per l´Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy


“12th Biennial of Moving Images”, Geneva, Switzerland
“Electric Rats Dream Video Dreams”, Celje, Slovenia
“Les Rencontres Internationales”,
-Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain
-Cinema Babylon, Berlin, Germany
-Cinema L´Entrepot, Paris, France
“Impakt Festival”, Utrecht, the Netherlands
“Public Pages”, Poetry and Public Language, Plymouth University, UK/internet
”Icebox 02”,
-Labia on Kloof, Cape Town, South Africa
-Durban International Film Festival, KwaSuka Theatre, Durban, South Africa
“Videonale 11”,
-Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany
-Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain
-Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany

-Insa Art Space, Seoul, South Korea
“Transmediale.07 Unfinish”,
-Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, Germany
-Cinema Babylon, Berlin, Germany
“Pantallas Paralelas”, Zemos98, Sevilla, Spain
”Stand By: TV”, Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain
”Evil is a type of experience”, S1/Salon, Sheffield, UK
“Fresh!”, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
“Independent Exposure”, Microcinema´s Touring Festival
-Variety Club Preview Room, San Fransisco, USA
-Makor, New York, USA
-Chaos Studios Artspace, Colorado Springs, USA
-Out North, Anchorage, USA
-Central Cinema, Seattle, USA
-Project 101, Paris, France
-The Crystal Theatre, Missoula, MT, USA
-Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ, USA
”New Side Channel”, Sumu, Galleria Titanik, Turku, Finland (solo)


“Ibizagraphic”, XIX Bienal de Ibiza, Spain
“New York Experimental”, The Tank, New York, USA
“Videomedeja”, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
“Plink Plonk Whirly Whirly…”, New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth,UK
“Sixty Second Film and Video Festival”, Portsmouth, UK
“Independent Exposure”, Microcinema´s Touring Festival
-Brighton International Film Festival, Brighton, MI, USA
-Axiom Theatre, Houston, USA
-Central Cinema, Seattle, USA
-Chaos Studios Artspace, Colorado Springs, USA
-Brava Theater, San Fransisco, USA
-Rice Cinema, Rice Media Center, Houston, USA
-Hypogean Halloween, Bastrop, LA, USA
-Moxie Cinema, Springfield, MO, USA
-111 Minna Gallery, San Fransisco, USA
Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
“Intro Out Festival”, Thessaloniki, Greece
“Izolenta”, S:t Petersburg, Russia
“Intervenciones TV”, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain/internet

“Pixeldance”, Thessaloniki, Greece
“2 veckor i maj”, Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm, Sweden
“Athens Video Art Festival”, Athens, Greece
“Streaming Festival”, the Hague, the Netherlands/internet
“Tunes In”, Monitor at Leeds College of Art and Design, UK
“Videoformes”, Clermont-Ferrand, France


“Under Konstruktion”, Stockholms Cultural Festival, Stockholm
Spring Show, Art Academy, Stockholm
“What´s On”, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm (solo)
“Bytlånas 3”, Boulehallen, Stockholm


“Bytlånas 2”, Tungan, the Cultural House, Stockholm
“Det här är inte film”, Clarion Hotel, Stockholm
Spring Show, Art Academy, Stockholm
Spring Show, Konstakuten, Stockholm
“Looking the other way”, live video mixing, KKH, Stockholm
“The Gorilla Project”, mobile projections, Stockholm
“Out Video Festival”, Ekaterinburg, Russia
“Repetition”, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö


“Show Off”, Art Academy, Stockholm
“Alla Djuren”, Tellus Cinema, Stockholm
“Breakfast Club”, Folkkulturcentrum, Stockholm


Ilskans Rätt”, Fylkingen, Stockholm
Spring Show, KKH, Stockholm


”Art on the Rocks”, the Icehotel, Kiruna
Spring Show, KKH, Stockholm
“Krig”, Hötorgsskraporna, Stockholm


Performance, Beeoff, Stockholm
Exhibition, KKH, Stockholm


Spring Show, Gerlesborgsskolan, Gerlesborg


Spring Show, Gotlands Art Museum, Visby


Residencies, grants and awards:


First prize at "Unbekannte Zukunft, Bluebanana Video Art Contest, Landau, Germany
Best Experimental/Animation award, West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival, USA
Finalist for the Kraft Prize for New Media
Bengt Fredrikssons stipendium


Mobility funding, Culture Point North
Helge Ax:son Johnssons stiftelse


Sumu Artist in Residence, Turku, Finland
Artist in Residence, Kuenstlerdorf Schöppingen, Germany
1 year work stipend, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Molly and Ragnar Rudemars Fond
Prize, Intervenciones TV
Honourable mention, Ibizagraphic
IASPIS, International cultural exchange


The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts
Stig Hedbergs minnesfond
Helge Ax:son Johnssons stiftelse
Residency, Salagården, Hälsingland, Sweden




Video library P´silo, Marseille, France


Undergroundfilm.org, San Fransisco, USA/internet


“Independent Exposure 2006”, Animation Edition.
“Independent Exposure 2006”, Addictive TV Best of 2006 Edition.
Gallery 00130 Video Library, Helsinki, Finland
T-vlog, Remote Control tv-tv, Copenhagen, Denmark/internet



Museu d´Art Contemporani d´Eivissa, Ibiza, Spain





                     Born 1991-03-22 Russia.

                     Lives and study in Vilnius, Lithuania.

                     Education: National M.K.Ciurlionis Art School, sculpture specialty. 2003-2010

                     Vilnius Academy of Art, Photography and Media Art Departament, 2010-2014 (BA)



     Marta Ivanova is photography and media artist, mainly interested in woman‘s theme and the

 ways of her body expression. She explores woman‘s body as a battle field, as an atlas.

            Marta is trying to push a creative link to a viewer of a woman as a “spot”, a

“masquerade master”; woman as a residue, as a man - scanner object, a skin cast-off,

a woman as a bedroom. By using video and photographic media in works, artist creates a

 'thin' intermediate layer between tenderness and violence, between concealing and unveiling,

between HIM and HER.



The work “Neckties” consists of ties projection and screen work with

shrinking- releasing tie loop.

The projection “Neckties”consists of various scanned neckties,their sound

was recorded by special computer program,which converts images to sound

.Every sound had specifics Audio accents ,which were heighten manually

from hearing.

Neckties set reminds the ( Y ) incomplete chromosomes set. The second

component is another detail of necktie ,which is displaying on the A3

format screen .In shrinking and releasing move I observed masculine

masturbation moves .

Necktie has various links,statements,but I choose the link to phallus.

“Phallus is not the physical body organ, but the goverment/power


“Woman desires phallus, but gets only penis.”J.Lacan

The projection was exhibited in the dark cube.Every necktie was very

powerful and had their own message to the audience.

And the video screen was near to the projection ,but you couldn’t see

both segments in one time.

The video screen


Tushar Waghela  

  Born 1975 , Durg ( Chhattisgarh ) India

Education :

2001 Master of Arts ( Philosophy )


  Tushar Waghela is a visual artist and filmmaker, working in the field of contemporary art He

has exhibited his video art paintings, experimental films in many solo and collective exhibitions




Dandakaranya - The jungle of punishment


Death. Disaster. Destruction. Displacement. Dandakaranya, the jungle of punishment, was the mythical

abode of Lord Ram and sheltered a primitive tribe who hummed uncoded songs of life. The mysterious

character of terrain reinforced the enigma. Few ever visited Abujhmaad, the unknown hills. The myth is

stripped off today as the woods are now the nucleus of the biggest insurgency in independent India,

Maoist-police conflict, that has seen over 5000 corpses in the last 15 years. Animals disappeared, tribal

life destroyed, natives migrated as police bunkers today dot the once secluded forest and rebels lurch in

dark with stolen weapons.  Encounters and rapes have acquired a yawning banality, tears elude the

barren eyes. No end in sight, the battle rages on


Duration – 2min 26 sec.

Year – 2012

Direction – Tushar Waghela

Editing & VFX – Tushar Waghela

Sound & Music – Tushar Waghela

HD – 1920 x 1080 , stereo sound , loop playing



e-mail: utopia1998@gmail.com



Royal University College of Fine Art, Guest Student, SE

Central European University, Guest Researcher “Visual Studies Today”, HU


Designskolen Kolding, Guest Student, DK


Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Research Studies “Contemporary Art”, JP

Waseda University, Research Studies “Contemporary Architecture”, JP


Chulalongkorn University, BFA in Photography, TH


College of Fine Art, High Vocational Studies in Graphic Art, TH


College of Fine Art, Vocational Studies in Fine Arts,TH



Kasi bar, Durbar Marg, NP

Patan Museum, NP

Bamboo Curtain Studio, TW

The Asian Culture Complex Asian Arts Theatre, KR

Litmus Community Space, KR


Belle High School, USA

Elephant Bar Chengdu, CN

The Vermont Studio Center, USA

The Kathryn E. Narrow Educational Resource Center (The Clay Studio), USA



Sri Lanka Institute of Architects, SK

Theertha International Artists Collective/Red Dot Gallery, SK

Flaxart Studios, UK


Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, CAN

Ecole des Beaux-Arts de La Réunion, FR


Korea International Art Fair 2008, Coex, KR

XI Gallery, KR


Asian Art Now 2007, Arko Art Museum, KR


MAAP (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific), Nanyang Technological University, SG

International Cultural Centre Jeunesses Musicales Croatia Groznjan, HR

The Nordland Kunst 0g Filmskole, NO


Central European University, HU


The Banff Centre for The Arts, CAN


Kobe University of Design, JP

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, JP



Sarawut Chutiwongpeti:

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti has contributed to the development of the media arts through his artistic

and research practices at noted international institutions in Canada, the United States of America,

 Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria,

Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Egypt, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and

Japan. , He graduated in 1996 from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn

University and works as a full time contemporary artist. 

At the Dawn of the 21st Century: A View-Thought The Red Window "(The Critical Time of the World





Basic Concept:

My goal is to investigate the expressive possibilities of conceptual visual language and to develop

Collaborative New Art as part of both Contemporary Art/Contemporary Global Structure and the

Technological Civilization in which we live today. I am especially interested in finding out how

contemporary art can enhance the distribution of information and foster a profound universality in

the human nature and cross-cultural artistic and critical collaboration. The meaning of the very

possibility to enrich contemporary art may also come into question. In my inquiry, I am guided by

 the following set of questions: Are sensations-reactions to contemporary art still significant today?

 In what way and how can contemporary art theory and practice address and help solve today’s

global problems? And finally, Can contemporary conceptual art disclose the corrupted social

values in mega polices and create a bridge between the present and the future generations?.





Aaron Oldenburg:

Aaron Oldenburg is a game designer and new media artist whose primary interest is in game rules as

 an expressive medium.

 His video and interactive work has exhibited in festivals and galleries in New York, Berlin,

São Paulo and Los Angeles, including SIGGRAPH and FILE Electronic Language International Festival.

He currently works on physical computing projects, designing new interfaces and electronic sculptures.

He teaches game design as an Assistant Professor in University of Baltimore's Simulation and Digital Entertainment

program and has an MFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. October 2003 he finished two years as an

HIV Health Extension Agent for the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa.


Baptize, by Aaron Oldenburg: This is from a series of experimental video games exploring religious actions.

As an atheist who nevertheless feels religion to be a part of my life, I choose certain rituals, activities or mental games that

people play to reinforce their faith and attempt to simulate them through game mechanics. I begin with verbs such as “Baptize” and

with these attempt to create game mechanics that express feelings associated with those verbs,because the essential expressive power of a game is through the repetitive performance of an action.


Leyla Rodgiguez & Christian Straub:




Buenos Aires, 



emigration to 

Germany. 1997-2004


Studies at the HAW 


University Of Applied

Sciences Design 

Department Fashion



in Bucharest, Romania.

1987 emigration to

Germany. 2000-2007

Film Studies (Diploma)

At Hamburg Arts School

in the class of R.

Neumann and W.



Leyla Rodriguez´s interventions in public space in form of a temporary textil installation,  

video series, films and objects 

 Hamburg/ Germany.


group exhibitions / a selection

2013 " Video Art Festival Miden", Calliope Artspace, Chios/ GREECE

2012 "Cyberfest" , The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg/ RUSSIA

2012 “MIA-Not Appicable”, The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena/ USA

2012 "Wanderlust" The Short Film Movement, The Hideaway, London/ ENGLAND

2012 "Papay Gyro Nights" Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen/ NORWAY

2012 "Intercept" Multiplexer Gallery, Las Vegas/ USA

2012 "Water Tower Art Fest" Art Hall Vivacom, Sofia/ BULGARIA

2012 "Arbeit Short Movies Night" Arbeit Gallery, London/ ENGLAND

2012 “Under the Subway” Local Project Art Space, New York/ USA

2012 “L’Oeil d´Oodaaq” Galerie du Crij, Rennes/ FRANCE

2012 “L’Oeil d´Oodaaq” Galerie Standards, Rennes/ FRANCE

2012 “Filmdeo” Index Art Center, Newark New Jersey/ USA

2012 "Papay Gyro Nights" Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong/ CHINA

2012 File Rio 2012, Oi Futuro Gallery, Rio de Janeiro/ BRAZIL

2012 “Stick Core” Idrawalot Gallery, Berlin/ GERMANY

2012 Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival, Isle Papay Westray/ SCOTLAND

2011 “Kollateral” Das Esszimmer, Bonn/ GERMANY

2011 “Watch It!” Taubman Museum, Virginia/ USA

2011 “Performance Voyage” Tromso Kunstforening, Tromso/ NORWAY

2011 “B.Y.O.B” The White Box, Portland/ USA

2011 “Sub Urban Projection” Laverne Krause Gallery, Eugene/ USA

2011 “This Is A Recording” Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson/ USA

2011 Art Space, Bright Trade Show, Berlin/ GERMANY

2011 Oda- Soda Gallery, Istanbul/ TURKEY

2011 Blue Banana Video Art Contest, Landau/ GERMANY

2011 “Performanssi 2011” Turku City Theatre, Turku/ FINLAND

2011 “Performanssi 2011” Titanik Gallery, Turku/ FINLAND

2011 “Wear Is Art” Dam Stuhltrager Project Space, Berlin/ GERMANY

2011 “Jour de Fete” The Privat Space Gallery, Barcelona/ SPAIN

2011 Persona Art Festival, Rag Factory, London/ ENGLAND

2011 Ibrahim Theater, Inter. House Philadelphia, Philadelphia/ USA

2011 “Hirschhorn Screening” Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C./ USA

2011 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin/ GERMANY

2011 “WPA” The Morris Foundation Arts Center, Silverspring MD/ USA

2011 “WPA” Harris Hall Auditorium, Richmond VA/ USA

2011 “WPA” St. Elizabeth's Hospital Auditorium Washington D.C./ USA

2011 “WPA” Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore MD/ USA

2011 “WPA” The Phillips Collection Washington, D.C./ USA

2010 Smoke & Mirrors, Lightwell Gallery, Oklahoma/ USA

2010 “n9 Production´s” The Big Screen Project, New York/ USA

2010 “Zoo Station” Roxy Art House, Edinburgh/ SCOTLAND

2010 “Videophänomenale” Pudel, Hamburg/ GERMANY

2009 “But I did not spam the Deputy” Galerie Genscher, Hamburg/ GERMANY

2009 “A Screening” On Off Galerie, Hamburg/ GERMANY

2009 “SeelenvögelTextiltaggIsleOfLox” Galerie Genscher, Hamburg/ GERMANY

Media Art & Film Festivals

2012 Simultan 2012, Sinagoga din Cetate, Facultatea de Arte, Casa Artelor, Timsoara/ ROMANIA

2012 Facade Video Festival, Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv/ BULGARIA

2012 Video Art Festival Miden, Historic Centre of Kalamata, Miden/ GREECE

2012 Video Formes 27th International Video Art & Digital, Cultures festival, Clermont-Ferrand/ FRANCE

2011 Sub Urban Projection, Eugene/USA

2011 Bideodromo Inter.Experimental Film and Video Festival, Bilbao/ SPAIN

2011 Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2011, Berwick/ ENGLAND

2011 File-Electronic Language Internatinonal Festival, Sao Paulo/ BRAZIL

2011 Images Contre Nature, Marseille/ FRANCE

2011 EMAF European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck/ GERMANY

2011 Urban Nomad Filmfest Taipei/ TAIWAN

2011 24 Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart/ GERMANY

2010 6010 Film & Videofestival, NRW/ GERMANY

2009 One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau/ SWISS


The Kraft New Media Prize 2011


FILE RIO 2012 Exhibition Catalogue
112 Pages, 19,8 x 25,8 cm
Ricardo Barreto
Aeoplano Editora e Consultoria Ltda. Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil

Issue #1, Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival Catalogue and Art Boogazine
160 Pages, 15 x 23 cm
Editor L.A.P.W. , Februar 2012

1 # Shöne Aussichten Magzin über den kreativen Nachwuchs
184 Pages, 23,5 x 33,5 cm
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Watch It! Video Art
Exhibition Catalouge with DVD/ Taubman Museum
14 Pages, 20 x 20 cm
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Publication of the exhibition “Collateral”
18 Pages 21 x 29,5 cm
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FILE 2011 Catalogue
285 Pages, 21,2 x 28 cm
Ricardo Barreto
Edition FILE Festival International , June 2011

Screen from Barcelona
111 Pages, 15 x 21 cm,
Editor: Screen from Barcelona, May 2011

Persona Art Festival 2011
Catalogue 53 Pages 21 x 15 cm
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191 Pages 16,5 x 23,5 cm
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188 Pages, 15x 21 cm
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6010 Film & Videofestival
80 Pages 10,5 x 15 cm
Editor: Barbara Christin, Jochen Manderbach, May 2010

One Minute Aarau
115 Pages 10,5 x 15 cm, August 2009

Molly Bradbury:
Derive suggests the tension and anxiety of urban existence. Visually the piece presents a scenario for a hyper-vigilance towards
stimuli, though the seduction of the spectacle draws the viewer in. The ephemerality within the mise-en-scene provokes an unsettling
desire to rest on a moment, though the moment is always deferred.

Molly Bradbury is an artist working with video and sound, currently residing in Santa Fe, NM.  Bradbury’s work draws on her

interest in phenomenology, perception, and synaesthesia, and allows viewers to become immersed in the worlds proposed by the works.

Though Bradbury’s background is rooted in classical music, her extensive knowledge of experimental sound and moving image

practices shapes the work she produces.  While studying at Mills College, Bradbury had the opportunity to work within a community

of colleagues on collaborations resulting in live music performances with Bradbury’s large scale video projections




Francesca Fini:
Francesca is a a videoartist and performance artist from Rome Italy.
1) LISZT (2012) - category video
duration: 6 minutes
statement: It is the beginning of the 20th century and three children are posing for a family photo. The children are young pioneers in a colony of Christian immigrants in

Jerusalem. The subsequent intervention of the photographer has added to their bewildered faces the false colors of the photos of the period; a combination of chromatic shades with the odor of

cookies and hot milk, porcelain dolls, long sea journeys, dusty old books, and an artificial “innocence”. This is the point of departure for a digital transformation in which the lower part
of my face replaces that of the children, in a reversal of time and meaning crystalized in a non-time and non-meaning, as a different kind of story comes to light which, superimposing itself
on the peculiar circumstances in which the photo was taken, looks for its metaphorical significance. In this way the three children become three human archetypes imprisoned in the eternal
pillory of a family photo. It is a forced communion that translates into reciprocal impatience and an increasing verbal violence that superimposes itself on the words, preventing any kind of
interaction. The sense of incommunicableness is obtained by juxtaposing fragments of phrases found on the Internet, in a mash-up that unravels into a contemporary senseless dialogue that
reveals how a word not listened to is, consciously or not, violence in its pure state. And therefore the universe concealed in this photo, the epic of human dreams and illusions, in the family
album of the search for a lost innocence by these ancient pioneers, is translated into a form of violence that throughout history has brought extreme consequences. When there is only the word,
one’s own, the mouth becomes a weapon. Nonetheless, the invitation to listen is recuperated in the end, in a sort of message of hope that I consign to the world through these three unknowing ancestors.


2) VIRUS (2012) - category video
duration: 5 minutes
statement: A video on the obsessive manipulation of my own image, which becomes a metaphor for the general confusion between real and virtual of the "Société du spectacle" prefigured by
Guy Debord. The digital culture and its tools become a self-destructive virus. I could work on the face of Osama Bin Laden, but the fake photo-montage spread by the media as proof of his
death is already an unattainable work of art . I then brought the concept within myself, in the heart of my "feminine" self-destructiveness, where the pen of the tablet becomes an "augmented"
surgical scalpel deep into the void.
LINK TO VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/34762733


VIRUS from Francesca Fini on Vimeo.

3) WOMBS (2012) - category video
duration: 6 minutes
How do you see yourself in the mirror? We do not ever see how others see us, we do not see how we really are. Wombs is some sort of dream about femininity. A woman meets her golem, a
piece of clay without features, to be fashioned at will. The golem is a double of the woman, but an amorphous double, a newborn entity still sealed in its purity and fierce innocence. A deity
(maybe an evil one) who is daughter and mother at the same time, in whose womb the woman hides to find peace.
LINK TO VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/44171531


4) PARNASUS (2011) - category video
duration: 10 minutes
Parnasus is a video that tells a dream. And like all dreams, it comes from a small image nested in the mind. The image is a marble statue white as snow. I've never been driven by the
fantasy of Winckelmann that still subdues our imagination. All that white marble disorients me. I feel lost, I need color spots as if they were signs in a map. A misunderstanding, that of
Winckelmann, that becomes the metaphor for an even deeper and more dangerous mistake: the illusion that the past, crystallized into a kind of noble and abstract projection, it is always better
than us, it is always perfect.  So in my dream I return to the statues the color denied. The color erased by the passage of time as you cancel the losers of history and forget the evils of the world.
I return the blood to the ancient statues, and the ferocity and the violence that always pervade human history, in an infinite loop of death and delusion. An absolute and unbearable violence that
with their unreal perfection those white icons had perhaps to exorcise. A dream that serves to abstract from the dream, to return to talk about the real world. The video was shot in Cine Ars, the
famous laboratory in Cinecittà Film Studios managed by a family that from generations creates props and scenographies for movies. But the growing use of CGI in movies are putting their work
in danger,narrowing their field of action and transforming their work in modern archeology. An image of a Time that is already the Past. So I thought to treat the fake statues has 3d graphics, \
cutting them out from the video frame, rigging them with a 3d skeleton and animating them. The hand-made Analogic fake but real becomes even more fake, while recycling itself to survive the
Digital Age.
LINK TO VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/33705372







 ERIC SOUTHER is a time based media artist with his BFA in New Media from the Kansas City Art

Institute and is currently earning his MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University.


Eric has worked on many collaborations including The Life of the Techno

Buddha, where he worked with engineers to develop an interactive brain wave cap to control video and sound. He has also worked with

 dancers in developing interactive multi-media dance performances and collaborated with another EIA grad to construct an interactive

video opera.


His own work develops modes of information flow in which he can control and reinterpret code in order to create electronic forms.

He selects informational substructures out of the immense amount of complexities that are embedded in our everyday interactions with

electronic media. He is interested in the threshold of perceiving these data sets. What information is lost when the layers of data become

too hard to see through? How can we make the complex comprehensible? How do we describe the unseen signals that run through our

electronic culture? These are questions Eric explores with the use of Max/MSP/Jitter, creating interactive installations, single channel

 videos, and digital drawings that are also functional programs, which he has termed “Aesthetic Interfaces.” Eric has shown his work

nationally and internationally including New York, Chicago, Beijing, Barcelona, and Cape Town, South Africa.





l:ed is a group of artists currently composed by the picture slayer Dorianne Wotton and the soundsmith Exome?ne.
l:ed as in « l : Experiments in Digital »
l:ed as in « l : Æsthetic of Desolation »

Along with their own works, the two partners Dorianne Wotton and Exome?ne are collaborating since 2004 around the concept of « æsthetic of

desolation » their work extends to the areas of photo, music, video, digital arts and multimedia performance.
Their more recent works are « Synæsizer » (digital art installation), « Glitch-O-matic » (digital art installation) and « X-Peri-Mental »

(audiovisual live act)

These recent works as they tend to involve new partners and artists made them create this group in order to facilitate the emergence and the shaping

of new pieces of art.

This group aims to facilitate the creation of new pieces of art (especially multimedia and digital), to promote and disseminate them.
So l:ed is open to every person and institution in order to facilitate collaborations between its members and the completion of their projects.

Exome?ne (soundsmith)

Two activities are filed under the name Exome?ne: soundsmithing and digital apothecarium. Soundsmithing : My approach is very physical.

I often start a new work because I felt the urge of transcribing an image or a feeling into sounds. Once the idea is set, I work sounds like a potter with

clay, or a blacksmith with metal: hammering, stretching, twisting sounds until they fit all together into a coherent piece of music.
Digital apothecarium : This latter part of my creative activity goes beyond sound but my approach is quite the same: playing with an abstract

material as if it was physical in a more experimental way. The sound in itself is no longer triturated but what generates it through several techniques

to do so: databending, generativity, algorithm, glitch...
Site : www.exomene.com

Dorianne Wotton (picture slayer)

Dorianne Wotton lives and works in Paris. Her approach is multi-disciplinary : photography, video, graphics, installations... She describes herself

as a « digital artist ».
Dorianne Wotton focus on representing the æsthetic of desolation which means outline what makes sense in the multitude of every little things

which do not fit into the common æsthetic and moral codes. Everything is then subject or object for her creations.

She is not limited to a single technique : accident, blur, noise, deformity, textures, superimposition, everything is potentially useful to her work.
Site : www.dorianne-wotton.com

page1image21760 page1image21920




The synæsizer

A synæsizer is a device that makes you see what it hears and hear what it sees. Thus, it turns you into a synesthete, justlike Kandisky, who could hear music in

colours or Nabokov, for which letters would conjure up colours.

To do so, it is an artificial synesthete in itself: its video system is directly plugged into the audio and vice-versa. If we compare it to a human being, it can hear

with its eyes and see with its ears and what it sees alters what it hears, which endlessly alters what it sees...

T echnique

The technique used here is the "databending", which is a form of "hacking" in the primary meaning of the word. Files or datastreams, whatever their original

purpose is, are interpreted as audio files. Raw data often generates raw sounds, this is why Exomene developed a specific interpretation and refining process,

partly based on the analysis of a spectrogram/on a spectrogram's analysis.

In this version of the synesizer, the music is generated by "Visions denaturees", a photography series by Dorianne Wotton, and the video synthesizer has been

set up both by Dorianne Wotton and Exomene.


Databending does not apply to computers only. Like it's altering the semantics of signs, databending is possible with all symbol systems such as the human brain.

When a human brain bends data, it is also synesthesia: union of the senses, etymologically.

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon affecting about one person out of 23. The most common form of synesthesia is the processing of letters or sounds

into colours.

The use of synesthesia by artists is not new. Kandisky made a theory about its use in painting and Baudelaire got inspiration from it in "Correspondances",

for example.

This device is therefore an artificial (multimodal and bidirectional) synesthete, its senses having been melt together. But that quality of being a synesthete is

only the consequence of its primary function, which is to generate a synesthetic experience on its user. It's an artificial synesthetic generator, what can be

called a synæsizer. 



Dusseldorf, Germany



 Myriam Thyes, 2009. Flash animation / digital video (HD or SD, 16:9, Pal), black/white, stereo. Duration: 6:20, loop.

Director, script, graphics, animation: Myriam Thyes. Music: Kristina Kanders.


The animation Global Vulva

connects female figures and vulva symbols from different times, countries and cultures,

while they morph into each other - the cultural meaning of the female genital becomes visible again.

You'll see paleolithic engravings, the Greek goddess Baubo, a winged woman from an ice-age culture in Siberia, an Irish

Sheila-na-gig, drawings of vulvas and of their symbols, the Indian goddess Kali and a Yoni stone, the Tibetan goddess

Naljorma Dewa, a statue of a noble ancestor of the lwena in Angola, the Aztec goddess Mayahuel, the Black Stone at the

Kaaba in Mecca, a double-tailed mermaid from a church in Tuscany, the protecting Dilukai from Micronesia, hands forming the

mudra 'Lotus and Bee' in a labyrinth, an amulet of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, a winged sun disk, and the oldest human figure

ever found, the so called Venus of Hohle Fels.

Screening copy: DVD (SD Pal), or HD video (Blu-Ray Disc, .mov, .mp4), or Flash animation.

Devices: DVD player, or Blu-Ray player, or computer. (HD) projector. Stereo loudspeakers.

Software: player for HD video (f.e. Quicktime), or a stand-alone Flash-player. Installation: projection, loop.


Heather Warren-Crow 


  Heather Warren-Crow is a performance and media artist living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2012, she exhibited media-based performances at Beton 7 in Athens,

  Dimanche Rouge in Paris, GT Gallery in Belfast, The Kitchen in New York City, KuLe Theatre in Berlin, Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn, and the University of

  Virginia, among other venues. Heather earned a doctorate in Performance Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. She is a professor of art theory

  and practice at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

 Video Synopsis:
  Listen 2 Me Work (7 min. 30 sec.), which was shot in 2010 at Art Basel Miami Beach, is a video-based performance about working--that is, sitting, kneeling,

  reading, writing, doing something, doing nothing, consuming, and enduring. Part of my ongoing investigation of the relationship between labor,   young women,

  and the State, it confronts the pleasures of the American Brand Identity as well as its pains. It also features my failed rendition of the tragically forgettable

  Lindsay Lohan song “Too Young To Die."  



Evelin Stermitz

M.A., M.Phil. 1972 / Austria

Working on media and new media art projects by using different media like photography, video and net, including installations and conceptual works.

The focus of art work is on gender based female and socio-cultural topics. The issues of projects are about gender, role models and the gap between man

and woman referring to the theory of Jacques Lacan in terms of “the Other” and the performativity of the body by Judith Butler. An important task is the female

body and the outgoing connection to created symbolic meanings of gender in history and nowadays. A main emphasis is on performative works.

In media theory the main interest is on the representation and approach of the female body in everyday media and media art encouraged by Barbara Kruger’s

work “Your body is a battleground.” Study of Pedagogics and Media Communication (1996 – 1999) at the University Klagenfurt, Austria, completed with a

master’s degree in Philosophy on the thesis “Imagoes of Dancing Women in Film” in the year 1999. Received a scholarship for the postgraduate study of

Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, (Prof. Milan Pajk – photography, Prof. Srec?o Dragan – video

and new media) in the year 2004. Graduated with a Master of Arts degree on the thesis “The Female Body in Context of Media Art” in the year 2007.

Personal Website





                                                                     Teresa Nunes

Teresa is a Lisbon based artist working mainly with performative text and video work.

Please check out her performative text and video installation at: 





Teresa Nunes Alves de Sousa, born in 1979 in Lisboa (Portugal) studied painting and drawing first at the experimental art center

ARCO in Lisboa and in 2011 completes the BA in Fine Art (Installation/Sculpture) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

in London. Her work is mostly based on performative text and video questioning what she defines as an essential space&time of the

frame. Her continuous investigation within phenomenology of architecture breathes through the film work where the space of the

frame becomes her dwelling space.



As one may experience the frame as space - in the sense of dwelling in it as a space- within-a-space - then the frame may be

felt/thought as a construction of space in its own right. Thus questioning of the space of the frame in relation to its own physicality

and that of the space and time which support it. An apparatus to question the essential correspondence between the space and

time of the seer and the seen: the contained and inaccessible double within the flat frame as representation and experience overlap:

which one is to be dwelled upon: my space or the space of my frame?




    Printed images of work. What are they? Images? Work? Or images of work? It is an industrial like process is it not? Small

thumbnails prints cut and stacked together: a deck of cards. Years of work in a hand of cards or a hand of cards in years

of work? Which is the jocker and which is the ace of hearts? Sometimes documentation is documentation of work, sometimes

documentation is work and work is documentation and documentation of work. The never ending spiral & the moon game. Catch me

 if you can. We spin, the earth spins, the moon spins, the universe spins for sure. Thus our stillness. The window, the first still, the

 architectured frame. Yes, build an inside to frame an outside. The canvas is the window and the window is the canvas. Perspective

sets the rules. The nostalgic divine arcadia & the garden of Eden. Paradiso’s canvas. Hortus conclusus. Nature imitates art.

Nature = scenario. Velasquez reflects it. Later the seer and the seen. The subject is in. The Divine falls, Nature dies, landscape lives.

 The countryside, the mountain, the seaside. Law protected scapes, obviously, the beholder’s eye. The still frame, the moving frame

and the live frame. The  Absolute has fallen, antropo’s relativity is empty. But not the timeline frame. Long live the Heritage.

Landscape = scenario.  Mass production, labour. Male confusion, Female Sapiens release. Travel, communication, networks.

Multiplication & Complexity. Nano & Parallel. The Subject is falling, Landscape is dying, I∞ lives.



                          Marcantonio Lunardi

Artist Statement:

By placing his work between the traditional documentary genre and the visual experimentation , has tried to mingle the specific technical and linguistic

knowledge he acquired in different forms of expression, and he is constantly searching opportunities to connect the ones with the others.

One of the most significant features of his work is the development of a poetic of exploration of the relationship between the aesthetic and political content.

The action is the recurrent theme of his production : action as historical memory, but also as a representation of the present which wants to overpass itself

and its symbolic stillness.



Born a Lucca (Italy) 1968.
Lives and Works in Lucca and Istanbul.

Director, cameraman, documentarist, Marcantonio Lunardi has practiced, since the beginning of his experience, a contamination of visual techniques, which is

the most significant feature of his work. Graduated from the Festival des Peuples, hestudied, among the others, with Daniele Gaglianone, Leonardo di Costanzo,

Gherardo Gossi, Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller. By following the master class with Michael Glawogger, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Thomas Heis, he has been able

to deepen his knowledge of the directing art and of its hardest aspects.



Default is a work of art on the disillusionment of a system which has reached a turning point. A man, alone, sits among the ruins of an abandoned factory in front of a

phone. His hand holds the receiver and brings the handset to his ear. A series of answering machines, whose metallic tones, like a filter between the citizens and

their Country, direct him in a vital suspension made only with waitings. His request for being heard is mediated with a series of numbers, recorded voices and

impersonal sentences which bring him in a compulsive carousel of information and pauses. Suspended in this non-place, where time expands and the collapse of

society seems impending, a man can only wait for an answer which will never arrive. Mistaking a key, a timetable or a sentence means starting afresh. In the loop of

the pre-recorded answers the nature of a Country is subtended, which is not able any more to speak to its citizens, more and more faraway, inadequate, absent.

The key to read this work lies in the static nature of the picture, which is based on the symbolic elements introduced by the author. Under the ecclesiastic vaults

of a factory of the early XIX Century, a liturgy takes place. The phone from the Sixties, emblem of the economic boom and the table, covered in white cloth to

symbolise a sacred banquet, are the ritual props of this celebration. The phone call becomes a metaphysic event, like a prayer devoted to a faceless and nameless

entity whose answered cannot be always trusted. From the point of view of the citizens, what the Countries usually call a default, becomes the communication gap

in which the inability to comply with the terms of the social contract is resolved.     





In twenty-one days, Italy has seen change its political system. Silvio Berlusconi, after 17 years of government, is forced to resign by international economy..

There are days when the national media overwhelmed the citizens of numbers, graphs and lan- guages unknown to most. But the people have the perception that

the set of data unintelligible, radically affect on their daily lives, on their freedom of movement. The actors of this story lose their shape and are replaced by the

spectrum curves of the respective voices. The graphs thus generated are similar to those of marketplace whose laws are apparently different from the biological laws,

but they really are derived from human impulses such as fear or elation. The cash of a small shop in the suburbs becomes the simulacrum of an economy that does

not exist anymore while the money disappears in the slow performance of a stock index.    



"Suspension" express the author’s mood squeezed between the social condition and the political situation around him. This work is based on a waiting condition:

the Italian citizens expect long since that something changes. Today each home, each family has one or, many time, more TV. But TV, since the late ’80,

became a sounding-board of a culture full of superficiality, degrade, destruction of each ethic form. At the beginning the voice of the leader is clear but quickly

becomes distorted, chaotic, incomprehensible and changes in a continuous background noise that accompanies the daily life of all Italian families. The meaning of

his words becomes unimportant because citizens feel his speech like a disharmonic interference with their lives. Each protagonist observes the viewer with an

attitude of expectation and an underlying question: “Will anything change?” But change seems impossible because TV get the upper hand. The final epiphany of the

leader dominates the viewer, transforming him in a player of the drama on the screen.



                                          Marco Mendeni


       Artist statement 

> My work explores the global diffusion of the digital information
> technologies and videogame. My main concern is artistic and theoric
> experimentation towards the analysis of new media impact around the concept
> of change in the perception of space and time and the relationship between
> reality and simulated experience  and web cultural participation in the
> digital era. My works are painting and photography, game-mod, and video
> installation.


> Born in Brescia, now commuting between Milan and Berlin, Marco Mendeni has
> long been dedicated to artistic research that experiences the contamination
> of materials, computer animation and 3D production. All of this with a
> particular focus on the process that leads the videogame medium to become a
> social medium.
> Graduated in new technologies to art. His works has been presented at

> electronic arts festivals and exibitions .                      






                              Nadya Primak

Nadya Primak is currently halfway through her senior year of college at Oberlin majoring in Visual Arts

(with a concentration in ComputerScience) and Russian. She was born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, but her family moved to

the United States when she was four years old.

Since then she has lived in several different states and had the privilege of traveling back to her place of birth and

elsewhere abroad.

The internet and new media was what kept her sane when she didn't know where to call home and, because of its ever

changing nature, she doubts she will ever tire of it.

"This video was a project for my Senior Studio class, an advanced course for art majors at Oberlin College. We were asked to spend 12 hours nonstop working

on a piece. My goal was to make a commentary on how the past, especially our childhoods, become surreal as we get older. Since we cannot go back to them,

and our memory begins to fade, we don’t always remember what was real and what wasn’t. I chose old (public domain) Soviet cartoons because I spent my

very early years in Russia."




Schultz began in 2002. This is the project of a musician, harsh-industrial trends. Schultz, after a

demo and remixes for other artists such as Kom-Intern, Thafir, Blackulla or Waks, took a new

dimension in 2006 with the meeting of VDREY a french art performer,

Since that he makes some videos, pics.




                           Justin Lincoln


Justin Lincoln is interested in the plasticity of the mediated electronic image and in experimenting with the glut of images
and text on the internet. After almost a decade of video and performance work Justin is now studying programming with
Processing and MaxMSP.He can be reached for correspondence at lostinbooks[at]hotmail[dot]com.
Justin teaches New Genres art at Whitman College in Walla Walla WA. He
received his MFA. California Institute of the Arts. Fine Arts in 2002.



Art Statement
"Don't interpret. Experiment." - Gilles Deleuze

"When Information is brushed against information the results are startling and effective. The perrenial quest for involvement,
fill-in, takes many forms." - Marshall McLuhan

The cornerstones of my digital art-making are my desires for experimentation and for interpersonal connection.
My experiments have roots in the multi-disciplinary art of John Cage and Allan Kaprow, numerous video artists and
underground film-makers, as well as in the open source programming community surrounding the programming language
Processing. As was the case for Cage and Kaprow, an important aspect of my work is how it connects to my teaching as well
as my life.

My digital work, whether in video, drawing, writing or code has always been a kind of ongoing sketchbook. Composition,
both in the visual and musical senses, takes priority over story in my work. I am particularly interested in generative means
of making my work surprising and unpredictable. My method of working is notational and modular. Parts of the work may
appear in an online journal or blog, a gallery installation, a festival screening, a panel discussion, or maybe some combination
of these formats. Altogether these different modes of exhibition allow me to “think out loud”, as well as revise and remix
that thinking over time and space.

Over the years I’ve worked with friends, family, students, strangers, and community members to explore how digital
 media open up new channels for communication and self-discovery. The process of creating, recording, editing, and
distributing work provides joy and flow in my life. Since the electronic means for these processes are always becoming
 more affordable and accessible, it is a real pleasure to share my skills and interests with those around me.
My enthusiasm for sharing these things can be viewed as a mission, not simply a career.

The ubiquitous presence of cameras, sensors, computers and the internet will all come to bear on changes in art, education,
and everything else we encounter. The ability to critically view and creatively produce objects, whether digital or analog,
will be increasingly important types of literacies heading into the future. The task of coming to grips with these literacies
calls for a willingness to experiment and connect with other people. This is where people like you and I might lend a hand




                  Laura Potrovic and Darko Jeftic



Laura Potrovic, student of Dramaturgy (M.A.) on Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Master's degree

in design, also educated on Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of Arts, London and

IFM - Institut Franc?ais de la Mode, Paris. Member of Somagram Collective.

Author and co-founder of Network in Movement project which consists of Movement Museum, Body, Breath,

Gaze Multi-museum, and Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Transmuseum.

Co-founder and director of Total Body, Text, Image Research Centre. Practically and theoretically interested

in directing, choreography, performance and theatre studies, conceptual art, new media and visual studies.

Darko Jeftic, student of Dramaturgy on Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Also studied Latin,philosophy,

phonetic, and theatre directing. Member of Somagram Collective. Author and co- founder of Network in

Movement project which consists of Movement Museum, Body, Breath, Gaze Multimuseum, and Autopoiesis,

Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Transmuseum. Cofounder and director of Total Body, Text,

Image Research Centre. Author of many performances
and audio-visual landscapes. 


Network in Movement: Movement Museum, Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum, Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Trans-museum


Network in movement is a three-part project that consists of Movement Museum, Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum, and Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality,

Emergence, Presence Trans-museum. What connects all three Network in movement projects is the research of movement as a medium; at Movement Museum we ar

e interested in the performance, but also the performativity of singular movement, movement as such, or pure movement; at Body, Breath and Gaze Multi-museum

we are interested in the physicality of the movement – body-movement, breath-movement, gaze-movement – and the potentialities of generating new movement

physicality arising from the body, breath and gaze as the singular performance media. At Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence

Trans-museum we are interested in performative status of the autopoietic, transformative, liminal, emergent, present movement; we would also like to approach

and research – autopoiesis, transformation, liminality, emergence, presence – as a set of organic tools for making the singular movement. Movement Museum

establishes with an open call invitation for collaboration in various categories: Movement-Choreography, Movement-Image, Movement-Motion Picture,

Movement- Video, Movement-Sound, Movement-Architecture, Movement-Design, Movement-Installation, Movement-Photography, Movement-Performance.

This open call’s subject are the following questions: How to notate the singular language of the movement, and how does it function?; How to generate the singular

language of the movement, and how does it function?; How to document and share the singular language of the movement, and how does it function?

Questions can be answered by: score; diagram; video work or work in any artistic media. Movement Museum tends to perform its open setup live; it is also conceived

as a multi-day event marked by the practical realization of the open setup through all artistic media. Movement Museum's tendencies are aimed towards the creation

of social network and the possibility of networking by the new transcultural language of movement, but also the attempt to make every movement and visible. The

aim of the piece is to find the singular language of movement and rediscover new conceptual and performative ways of networking people. Network in Movement is

not just the virtual formation (http://muzej-pokreta.org), it was set for few times in real time and space as living and traveling network of different, but co-exiting

performer's body museums.

Here and now – at the Movement Museum – how to make the first movement – the one of naming the movement? And is it really necessary since we think of

movement – as the naming without being named?

The simultaneity of the conceptual movement exhibit and the movement exibited in the concept:

Corpography – videography – somagram – corpo-geography – soma-grammatology – soma- dramatology – body-text – body not-art – presence not-art –

writing before writing – self-questioning the form of language before language – crypted-bodyology – corpogram – corpor(e)al videography –

corpoGraphics/videoGraphics – aspirated body (im)materiality – conceptual generator – museum outside the museum – breath physiognomy made visible –

body without figure – choreo- corpoGraphy/choreo-audioGraphy/choreo-videoGraphy - bodyScaping-breathScaping-soundScaping in the coexistence –

body-essay - choreo-cognitive movement linguistics – geo-choreometric composition – diagram – emancipated choreographic object – making the negative space

visible – museum-writing movement – writing in movement – grammar of Becoming – choreo-philosophy – automusealization without the museum –

autodocumentation without the document.

page1image27616 page1image27776

We hope to rethink an idea of museum itself, and to rediscover the body as the living and Becoming museum, as we also hope to develop new performative tools and

rediscover new conceptual approaches to the perception of an exibited object, for example - can we and how can we exibit Presence - by the score, task, diagram,

video work?


We use different tools in order to generate bodily and digitally the idea of fractal BodyScape. First of the choreographic tools we're using is conceptual dvd map

made of nineteen fractal animations of performer's movement. We try to embody and represent the idea of fractal body and fractal movement geometry.

Choreographic video tool BodyScapes/FractalScapes/ImageScapes we use in order to digitally generate the conditions for embodying, or disembodying the fractal

ImageScape. We transfer the physical moving image into the digital image. This interactive video installation is a base of different bodies in movement in order to

make transfer and recombination of different (em)body(ing) ideas.

Self-portraiting Objects

Self-portraiting Objects is a video work with interest in the process of Becoming an object by transformation and audio-visual deconstruction of representation.

Image-object and sound-object co- emerge together in the third “Becoming a sound” and “Becoming an image” objectified (id)entity. 


Carl Knicherbocker:


Born in upstate New York. Living in Orlando, Florida environs since 1970.

A self-taught artist, I started drawing in 1984 then painting in early 1990's when I developed the Suburban Primitive style of art.

Video work began in 2009. First short, A Dog Goes From Here to There, based on a children's picture book I wrote, was selected

 for Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams film series.

Since 2011 been making the "SP" short video series. The themes are identity, role, religion, sociology and philosophy. 

The shorts been selected for numerous film festivals.










Sylvia Toy:
Sylvia Toy. I am an actor who never goes out the door without a camera. I have been a performance artist for 22 years. I am a
trained videographer and have been a video artist since 2006. Art is part of my daily routine. I do not believe in inspiration.
I do not believe in writer's block. I make art even when I don't feel like it. People are prolific because they are disciplined,
focused and motivated - not because they have either a magical amount of time or flashes of inspiration. I was a professional                                                                                  
gallery artist who carved iconic life-sized wooden figures for 27 years. This link is my listing in the African American Visual
Artists Database: aavad.com/artistbibliog.cfm?id=7820. I was a professional theatre arts for 17 years - my favorite review
of my performance art was written by Jack Helbig in The Chicago Reader in 1999 about my solo play, Alan Klasky Never
Loved Me, chicagoreader.com/chicago/alan-klasky-never-loved-me/Content?oid=896247.
My work is exhibited on the curated online art venues, VideoArt.net Artist and ArtChannel.info. My videos have been screened in CologneOff 2011,
 Headphones Fest 2011, KAPAS FILM FESTIVAL 2012, the European Performative Itinerant Film Festival, STREETVIDEOART©, OART TV/Larcade Gallery,
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and Altered Esthetics (Minneapolis).

(Nena) Sylvia Toy (St. Louis) 415-531-2630
547 Hayes Street, No. 1
San Francisco CA 94102 sylviatoyindustries@gmail.com 

 Russell J Chartier & Paul J Botelho:

Russell J. Chartier

Russell J. Chartier attended the College of Santa Fe. He studied Broadcast Engineering at

The Cleveland Institute of Electronics and received his MA from The University of Canterbury in Media Arts.

He has spent many years working in Broadcast Television working for various networks including A&E,

The History Channel, YES Network and several others.

His work in the Video Art Medium explores multiple layers and focuses

heavily on texture and color. Many of the images in his works are distorted and manipulated in various

unorthodox in an attempt to create a visual depth where recognizable images will appear within the

collage of manipulated images and textures.

Paul J. Botelho

The work of composer Paul J. Botelho focuses on the interaction between live and computer

performance. His compositions include many varied works that utilize extended techniques, alternate

tuning systems, as well as the interaction of new and old mediums. He performs as a vocalist, guitarist,

and pianist, often in improvisatory situations. Botelho has composed and performed a series of one-act

operas that incorporate live acoustic instruments and electronic components. These works encompass

all of his varied disciplines and represent the breadth of his work. He received his Ph.D. in Music

Composition from Princeton University, M.A. in Electro-Acoustic Music from Dartmouth College, and

B.F.A in Contemporary Music Composition and Performance from the College of Santa Fe. He

served as Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Loyola University New Orleans and is currently a

 Professor of Music at Bucknell University..

                                                    Large canvas video stills from selected works will  be on sale.                                                                                                        
Dither Doom: 
problematize&&aestheticize technological glitches&&errors as a means to develop&&introduce socio-cultural critique(s) on wo/mans’ nature with techology

the movement consisted of mostly screen based ‘artworks’ deeply rooted in a fatalistic sense of hyper awareness and excitement that the apocalypse was approaching and unavoidable.
 much like the dirty new media artists that preceded them, the mayan new media artists sought to problematize and aestheticize technological glitches and errors as a means to develop
 and introduce socio-cultural critique
(s) on wo/mans’ nature with technology. however, mayan new media artists’ integral focus was warning humanity of their
certain and undeniable doom, and this sensibility manifested itself as a collective ‘paul revere’ persona in the immediate months prior to the end times on a
variety of social media platforms like TUMBLR, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER.”


“late october of 2012, commonly referred to as ‘the golden era of dither doom’, was a unique intersection of nihilistic joy and an overwhelming sense of forlornness”

“recorded in october of 2012, the album became a seminal ‘music’ in the dither doom canon, and further, the catalyst for many of the later era dither doom
bands that formed days before the end times in december of 2012”

“art historians typically refer to the movement as mayan new media art, or also commonly referred to as ‘end times aware art’.”

“post-dither doom is characterized by heavy use of analog synthesizers and a sense of nihilistic apathy
Timothy Kerr:




Timothy P. Kerr has exhibited in numerous shows nationally and internationally. Kerr works across a variety of media within his practice including
object based work, video, audio,drawing, installation and performance. He investigates humour and absurdity as observational forms of social, critical critique
and engagement through various methods includingappropriation, miss-interpretation and estrangement.
Educational Background




2008 Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, Visual Art, (Honors) form the Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)




2007 Bachelor Degree of Fine Art, Visual Art, from the Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)




Rcent show include:
Solo Shows




2010 A Mime Routine of a Horny Octopus Making Soup on a Jumping Castle (Kings Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne, Central Business District, Victoria)




2009 The Timothy P. Kerr Memorial Show (Boxcopy Artist Run Initiative, Metro Arts, Central Business District, Brisbane, Queensland)




Group Shows




2012 Proposals (Zammit Projects, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)







prOphecy sun:                           http://prophecysun.ca
               A Canadian interdisciplinary performance artist





artist statement
Life is a performance and all potentialities arise from the act of trying. Improvisation is the essential element of creative space, the building
block of collective experience. From this transcendent lens, a dance is the sum of its singular inspired parts; a song is the reverberation of a
instantaneous and euphoric emotional eruption.
My interdisciplinary practice is a manifestation of the duelling identities, sound and movement, that joust deep in my psyche. To process my experiences I use many articulations of these
disciplines to understand the world around me. I create pieces that explore human eccentricities through vocal abstraction, physical manipulations, experience, and visual metaphor.
The desire to communicate on a sensory level is of utmost importance to me and everything I see, hear, and do has the potential of being source material for choreography or noise
 A buzz, a purr, a railing, a sidewalk, a table, a dress, a halting train, a humming refrigerator, a creaking door, a giant ladder, are all opportunities waiting to unfold.
Incorporating these inspirations from everyday life, my solo sound practice has evolved from random sounds to focused repetitive, looping cyclical patterns, and processed, affected vocals,
with continual articulations on the same sound or combination of lyrics. A variety of conceptual techniques are explored in this practice of sound making utilizing tools like voice, breath,
throat singing, discarded electronics, keyboards, a modified theremin, field recordings and delay pedals.
Video and installation are key forms used to delve into my fascination with the complexity of perception and its potential distortions. One of my recent works,Cupboards, a piece in which
 I climb  through my partner’s kitchen wearing only a slip, defines this process. The piece was conceived, performed and filmed in one evening, making its physicality muscular and urgent,
and its- sound mundanely authentic. Cupboards explores domesticity, confinement and legitimization, set to a symphony of the sound of my breath and
growing exhaustion. The low-fi combination of lighting, and improvised movement creates a strong sense of anxiety and suspense. Other conceptual video performances, like of Bladerunner,
pick up where the themes explored in Cupboards leave off, critically engaging with elements of popular culture, such as reality television that reflect the complexity of our social and
 self-made realities.
These solo expressions are only a part of my situating my practice of being an artist within a guarded and yet connected human landscape.
I have always carried a sense of heightened urgency in the creation and musical production process, and in my most recent projects, this urgency has become a central theme
in my work.
The now is my tomorrow. I focus attention on the life spans of my musical performances, understanding that they exist before and beyond the physical presentation of the work.
 Each work is a holistic and unfamiliar territory in which sound and the surrounding elements combine to create a unique output. Over the years, my improvised process has honed
itself to focus on a single point of departure. Every articulation and every musical choice is based on a work’s originating concept. The resulting performance videos like
Don’t forget me,
offer immediate images that are at once simple and understandable, but sad in their strangely shaped authenticity and familiar in their organic, visceral movement qualities
 that are inevitably universal. It’s in this place where the intimately familiar and uncomfortably foreign meet in creative discovery.
curriculum vitae
Bachelor of Fine Arts- Emily Carr University 
Performances & Exhibitions      2012                                                                                                                                             
Quiet body spaces, prOphecy sun, Soundasaurus Festival, EPCOR Centre, Calgary Alberta
Spell, Music Waste Festival, Zoo Zhop, Vancouver BC
Hopscotch, Da 2012 Festival: Month of Performance Art, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany
Low Lives 4 International Festival of Live Networked Performances, prOphecy sun, NY USA                                                                                                                                                    
H[e]ar Concert Series- Vancouver New Music, prOphecy sun, The Waldorf, Vancouver BC
Utopia Annual Festival of Women in Digital Culture, prOphecy sun, W2 Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC
Umbrella Piece, prOphecy sun & Dance Troupe Practice, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Van BC
CiTR Shindig Finals, Tyranahorse, Railway Club, Vancouver BC
Xenakis Festival, Vancouver Electronic Ensemble, Scotia Bank Dance Centre, Vancouver BC
Nothing Happening + Liquidation. Nicolas Boone. VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC
Cupboards, Square Eyes Festival, Exchange Gallery, Penzance Cornwall UK
Uproot, prOphecy sun, SquareWaves Festival, W2 Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC
The Trashdancer Project, Brydee Rood & Dance Troupe Practice, IAC Gallery, Berlin Germany
New Moon, prOphecy sun, Hammock Residency, Vancouver BC
Spell, Live Biennalle, Vancouver BC
Cupboards, Da 2011 Festival, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany
Taiko Festival, Vancouver Electronic Music Ensemble, Vancouver Playhouse, BC
The Bath Sessions, Drop in/ Drop Out Media Expo, W2 Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC


Anabela Costa:


Paris, France
1958 b. Lisbon, Portugal. Lives in Paris. Visual Artist, studies Fine Arts at Lisbon Fine Arts University (1980)
Independent filmmaker working with moving image in experimental animation, developing projects that
problematise concepts, relations, between art and science. e-mail : anabelacosta@msn.com www.anabelacosta.com






ANABELA COSTA                                                                


1958 b. Lisbon, Portugal. Visual Artist, studies Fine Arts at Lisbon Fine Arts University (1980)
e-mail : anabelacosta@msn.com


nabela Costa is a visual artist, her work were subject of several solo exhibitions. From the eighties she became interested and
moving progressively towards the digital image. Since 2000 she is conducting research in the field of experimental film, based
on two axes: the moving image - the aesthetics of representation of movement, and the formalization of thematic and scientific
concepts. She made ??a few experimental animation combining these two research areas: Web, TIME, LIQST_liquid state, and
Landscape, which were programmed and awarded in international festivals devoted to avant-garde cinema, animation and v
She is also involved in international conferences where she presents these movies or articles about the image and its
contemporary transformations. Living in Paris since 2010, she continued her artistic research and technology by working with
experimental software in the generation of images -still images or moving.





 1-CRITICAL Living Art Soutien à la création CUBE et l’équipe AVIZ de l’INRIA




 2-ON MOVEMENT  film d'animation généré avec le logiciel expérimental mis à la      disposition par  l’équipe AVIZ de l’INRIA



 3-STILL LIFE film d'animation généré avec le logiciel expérimental mis à la disposition par  l’équipe AVIZ de l’INRIA



 4-Articles Publication sur des conférences internationaux  et françaises.



 With film work that has been previously shown at numerous venues of international festivals for film, video new media and conferences: 





Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, 2012, Marseille, France 5th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, 2012, Philadelphia, USA - 18ème  Festival National du Film d’Animation,2011, Bruz, France.
Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, 2011, Marseille, France - 9th International Animated Film Festival Tindirius, 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania.  Digifestival.net, 2011, Florence, Italy - Fête de la Musique,
Péniche du Cinéma, 2011, La Vilette, Paris, France- California International Animation Festival, 2011  Modesto California, USA - Rythmetic International Experimental Animated Film Festival, 2011,
Bègles, France - VRIC, Laval-Virtual conference, 2010, Laval, France - Rythmetic International Experimental Animated Film Festival, 2010, Bègles, France - 12th Generative Art 2009, Milan,
Italy - Fête de la Science 2009 en Lorraine, l'Année Mondiale de l'Astronomie et l'Année D arwin, 2009 Metz, France - 14th Portobello Film Festival, 2009, London, UK - International Abstract Cinema Exhibition
(ABSTRACTA), 2009 Rome, Italy - XIX "Message to Man" International Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia - Computational Aesthetics 2009 Victoria, Canada  - Laval-Virtual 2009, Laval, France - The One Minutes
Belgian Open, 2009, Gent, Belgium - GENERATIVE ART 2008 Milan, Italy - 39th International  Film Festival of Índia, short film center, Goa , IndiaFilm & History Conference | “Film & Science: Fictions,
Documentaries, and Beyond, Chicago USA  - XXX Edition of the Women and Cinema International Festival, 2008 Firenze Italy - Optica Festival Internacional de Video Arte de GIjón, 2008, Gijón, Spain - 13th
Ourense International Film Festival, 2008, Ourense, Spain - EXIS 08, 5th Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, 2008, Seoul, South Korea - VIDEOHOLICA 2008 August in Art Biennial, Varna,
Bulgaria - Scinema, Science Film Festival, 2008, Sydney, Australia - California International Animation Festival 2008, California, USA- The 809 International New Image Art Festival 2008,China
- 6th Festival Internacional Cinepobre, 2008, la Paz Mexico -  Philadelphia Independent Film  Festival, June, Philadelphia, USA - International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics,
Visualization and Imaging, 2008, Lisbon, Portugal - Croatian Minute Film Festival, 2008 Po?ega, Croatia - Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, 2008 Cannes France - Electron Festival 2008, Breda,
Netherlands - DaKINO International Film Festival,2007 Bucharest, Romania - International Animation Film Festival Tindirindius, 2007, Vilnius Lithuania – 11th Leicester International Short Film Festival 2007,
Leicester, UK- Pantheon Xperimental 6.0 Film & Animation Festival 2007 Nicosi  Cyprus - International Film Festival of Lifestyle, 2007 Szolnok Hungary -  4th China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival
(CICDAF2007), Changzhou, China.- 15thVideo Minuto Film Festival, 2007 Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts, Firenze, Italy - Portobello Film Festival, London, UK - 4th Baja California Film Festival, 2007 Tijuana,
Mexico - Oneminute film & video festival Aarau, 2007 Aarau Swizterland -  X Expresión en Corto International FF,  2007 San Miguel de Allende, México - Overlap o6 2007 S.Francisco USA - Àtalo en Corto Festival 2007
Madrid Spain - Cyborg Film Festival, 2007, Anghiari Italy - Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival May 2007, Cannes France - ReAnimacja Festival, 2007, Lodz Poland - Cyprus International Film Festival,
2007 Nicosia, Cyprus - Red Stick International Animation Festival, 2007, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA - 22nd New Media & Video Art Festival_Videoformes, 2007, Clermont-Ferrand, France - Victory Media Network,
2007 Dallas, Texas, USA - 8thPanorama of  Independent  Film Makers, 2006  Thessaloniki,Greece - Euroshorts 2006, European Festival of Short Films, Nov. 2006 Warsaw, Poland - 14thVideoMinuto Film Festival,
Sept. 2006, Firenze, Italy - Independents’ Film Festival, Sept. 2006, Flórida USA - Madcat Women’s International Film Festival Sept.2006, S Francisco CA, USA - Imaginaria Film Festival, Aug. 2006,
Conversano, Italy - 3rd Naoussa International Short Film Festival, May 2006, Naoussa, Greece - Short Film Corner, May 2006,Cannes  France - Athens Videoart Festival, April 2006, Athens,
Greece -  26 th Oporto International Film Festival Fantasporto 2006, March, Oporto, Portugal - 2006 Marché du Film Court, Feb. Clermont- Ferrand, France - San Francisco Independent Film Festival,
Febuary 2006, San Francisco, USA- 6th Int’l Izmir Short Film Festival, November 2005, Izmir Turquey - New York Independent International Film and Vídeo Festival, November 2005, New York USA,-
Backup Festival 2005,  backup.award, Oct. Weimar, Germany - Madcat Women’s International Film Festival, Set/Oct San Francisco Califórnia, USA,- Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco CA, USA,-
Encontros da Arrábida: Caminhos da Complexidade: Arte e Ciência, July 2005, Portugal ,- Shorts Express, July 2005,  Palinuro, Bergamo Italia , - Naoussa International Short Film and Vídeo Festival,
May 2005, Naoussa, Grécia, - Zemos 98, Fev.2005 secção marathon Universidade  de comunicação Sevilha, Spain - Festival  de Clermont-Ferrand 2005 Feb. Marché du Film Court  France.




"Back to light" 2012, video-animation - 2', colour, HD, 16:9   




"Landscape" 2012 video/animation - 10'40'', colour, HD, 16:9   
2012_25th Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques,  November, Marseille, France
2012_Avanca Film Festival, July, Avanca, Portugal 
2012_ Computational Aesthetic 2012, June Annecy, France   
2012_5th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, June, Philadelphia, USA,                                                                           Awarded to Best Animation Film                                                                                                                              2012_"Courts Bouillons", April, Péniche du Cinéma, La Vilette, Paris, France                                                   "Beyond Dark" 2011 video/animation - 1' , colour, HD 
2012_International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI 
                             Nomination to "The Best Experimental Film"   
2012_19th_Croatian one-minute Film Festival, May, Pozega, Croatia 
2011_8th One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau, August, Aarau, Switzerland
"MY WINDOW" 2011 video/animation - 11'44'', colour ,HD, 16:9   
2012_Prize Simona Gesmundo for Animated Films, October, Napoli , Italy
                             Awarded with "Special Mention" 
2011_Le jour le plus court, Péniche du Cinema La Vilette, Paris, France 
2011_18ème  Festival National du Film d’Animation, December, Bruz, France 
2011_Digifestival.net, November, Florence, Italy   
2011_Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, November, Marseille, France                                                    2011_9th International Animated Film Festival Tindirius, October, Vilnius, Lithuania.  
2011_AXWFF, Antholoy Film Archives, October New York, USA.    
2011_Portobello Film Festival, September, London, UK.                                                                                                                                                                             
2011_Fête de la Musique, October, Péniche du Cinéma, La Vilette, Paris, France
2011_California International Animation Festival, Modesto California, USA
“Vortex-room”, 2008 video / animation – 6’, col our, HD, 16:9   
2010_ Abstracta Cinema Exhibition programme, at TFM - Institut fuer Theater-, Film- undMedienwissenschaft an der Universitaet Wien, May, Wien, Austria.
2010_ VRIC, Laval-Virtual conference, April, Laval, France
2010_Rythmetic International Experimental Animated Film Festival, January, Bègles, France
2010_Marché du Film Court, Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, January, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2009_3rd FRESH Festival of International Video Art and Short Film, Abstracta Cinema Exhibition programme, December, Bangkok, Thailand
2009_12th Generative Art 2009, December, Milan, Italy
2009_International Abstract Cinema Exhibition (ABSTRACTA), August, Rome, Italy
2009_the International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging, June, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  
2009_11ème Rencontres Internationales de la Réalité Virtuelle, Art Conference, April, Laval, France                                                                                                                                   
“LIQST_Liquid State”, 2008 video / animation – 11’41’’, colour, HD. 16:9   
2011_Rythmetic International Experimental Animated Film Festival, January, Bègles, France
2010_"Courts Bouillons", October, Péniche du Cinéma, La Vilette, Paris, France
2010_ABSTRACTA 2010 Mostra Internazionale del Cinema Abstratto, August, Roma Italy
2010_1990 / 2010, Sala do Veado Cabinet d’Amateur, Museu de História Natural, July, Lisbon, Portugal.
2009_14th Portobello Film Festival, September, London, UK.
2009_Blue Banana Videoart Contest, July, Landau, Germany.
2009_XIX "Message to Man" International Film Festival, June, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2009_Nomination to the AWARDS at 11ème Rencontres Internationales de la Réalité Virtuelle, April, Laval, France                                                                                                                                   
2009_ BEST OF IFFI – Short Film Festival, February/March, Goa, India                                                                                                                                  
2008_GENERATIVE ART 2008, December, Milan Italy
2008_1st Annual Red Orchid Female Short Film Festival, December, USA
screenings at: - Byrd Theatre in Richmond VA 
                     - Letelier Theater of Georgetown in Washington DC 
         - Busboy and Poets of Shirlington in Arlington VA
2008_39th International  Film Festival of Índia, November, Goa , India                                        2008_Euroshorts Festival, November, Warsow, Poland 
2008_XXX Edition of the Women and Cinema International Festival, November, Florence, Italy
2008_Optica Festival International de Video Arte de Gijón, November, Gijón, Spain                                                                                   2008_Film & History Conference | “Film & Science: Fictions, Documentaries, and Beyond (Chicago) November, Chicago USA                                                                                                                                         2008_13th Ourense International Film Festival , October, Ourense Spain                                                     2008_Future Places Festival, October, Porto, Portugal                                                                               2008_ EXIS08, 5th Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, September, Seoul, South Korea       2008_California International Animation Festival, August, Modesto California, US                                                                                                               .                         Awarded to Best Experimental Film.                                                                                               2008_Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, June, Philadelphia, USA                                                        2008_the International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging, June, Lisbon, Portugal                                                                                                                                     2008_Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, Cannes France                                                                             2008_Seminar at ITQB (interdisciplinary research and advanced training institute) April, Lisbon Portugal                                                                                              2008_Crossing Borders, Conference at Lisbon University UNL-FCT April, Lisbon Portugal                         2008_28th Oporto International Film festival, Fantasporto, Panorama section, March, 


my window 11’44’’ animation    2011 colour HD



  Synopsis: MY WINDOW is a film about the personal take and how it can be translated through sight, lighting and colour giving exposure to an artistic
universe that reflects time and its relation to movement


Carolyn Kane:
(Carolyn has withdrawn her submission at this time. Please look for her in the future and continue to follow her work)
The Failure of Images (Fifty Wars After 1945)
Carolyn Kane, 2011
Images suggest access to another time and place, to someone else’s reality. Images of war––photographic and electronic images to be
precise––are expected to give more: truth, ethical commitment, politics, historical record, recognition, commemoration, shock, horror
(and the pleasures therein). This has been the case with war photographers like Roger Fenton and Robert Capa who courageously took risks to procure
 records of the realities of life and death in war. However, images remain images.
 Many people who view images of war (which have become increasingly graphic and saturated in global culture) have never experienced war.
Privileged, protected, and safe, one may view images of horror and atrocity on a tiny electronic screen, coarsely filtered through compression
and decompression algorithms, rife with noise and digital artifacts. How could one expect such an image––even thousands of such images––to ever
become more than a sample or fragment of a much larger, complex, and often distant, incorrigible struggle? While images of war (along with captions
and sound tracks) candidly point to the aggression, anonymity, corruption, rage, and zeal of war, no sooner has this been indicated then the delivery
platform (a television news cast, a website, a photograph) segues into another subject, advertisement, or current event, further distantiating the image
of war from war itself. Our images fail war and yet war constantly and perpetually calls upon images to communicate itself. The Failure of Images
(Fifty Wars After 1945) explores this paradox and responsibility. In less than fifteen minutes of digital video, I chronologically reassemble found
archival footage from fifty wars after 1945. My image manipulation techniques are basic: layering, enlargement, and juxtaposition. Many of the color effects
and distortions (pixilation, blurs, and artifacts) are a result of compression-decompression processes intrinsic to online video. Appropriately, these (natural)
distortions inadvertently act as a form violence and self-censorship, further mediating war away from its depictions.
 Artist Bio
Carolyn Kane is an Assistant Professor in the Film and Media Department at Hunter College in the City University of New York where she teaches
 courses in new media theory and aesthetics. Her current project, "Chromatic Algorithms" examines the history of color in electronic media after 1960.
Carolyn’s video work has been exhibited in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.
Stills. The Failure of Images (Fifty Wars After 1945)
 Still1-1964-73_VietnamNapalm. After running from her napalmed village, this young girl is given water by U.S. troops.
Still4-1975-2002_AngolaCivilWar. CIA mercenaries later put on trail
 Still5-1989-1996LiberianCivilWar. Boy shows hard edge for journalists and press.
 Still7-2007_GazaStrip. Mother with 10 year old boy who was playing with his bicycle outside his house when shrapnel entered his eyes, arms and face.
Ezra Wube:
Ezra Wube (b. 1980, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Ezra moved to the United States at the age of 18 and received his BFA in painting from the
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, and an MFA from Hunter College, New York, NY. His works encompassing video, installations,
drawing, painting and performance.
Ezra Wube
(917) 302 0903 emailezra@gmail.com www.ezrawube.net
2009 MFA, Painting Combined Media, Hunter College, New York, NY2004 BFA (Honors) in Painting, BI in Illustration, Massachusetts College Art, Boston, MA
2011 "One Way", University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
"Memory and Process", Addis Atlier, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2007 "Featuring the work of Ezra Wube", Propaganda Gallery, Richmond, VA 2006 "Story Telling", United Nation, NY, NY
2005 "Tizita", Impact 210, New York, NY
2002 "Hilm", Dreams of Freedom Museum, Boston, MA
2012 "The 16th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA", Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
"The Migratory Photo Project", New York, NY
"Animated Dreams", Tallinn, Estonia
"International Short Film Festival", Berlin, Germany
"Vuotociclo", videoart show, University Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples, Italy
"International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film", Leipzig, Germany
"Australian International Animation Festival", Victoria, Australia
"Animation Screenings", Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY
- Barranquilla, Colombia
-Cardiff, Wales
"Ezra Wube animation Shorts", Community Television of Santa Cruz County, CA
"The Festival of Migrant Film", Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Now & After’12", Video Art Festival", Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
"AnimateCOLOGNE", Cologne Art & Animation Festival, Museum for experimental art, Mexico City, Mexico
"Art & the City", CologneOFF VII
- Urban Culture and Fire Festival, Belarus
- CeC - Carnival of e-Creativity, Sattal, India
- Ionian International Digital Film Festival, Lefkas, Greece
"Still Fighting Ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy"
- AIVA - Angelholm International Video Art Festival, Sweden
- Torrance Art Museum, CA
- Arena 1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA,
- Lucca Museum, Lucca, Italy
- Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland
"Silicon Valley African Film Festival", Mountain View, CA "Anim’est International Animation Film Festival", Bucharest, Romania
"Im[m]agine Objet d’art", Savona, Italy
"Milano Film Festival", Milan, Italy
"Regent Park Film Festival", Tronto, Canada
"Distance: Contemporary Photography", Tejas Gallery, OH
"AVANCA 2012 – International Meeting of Cinema, TV, Video and Multimedia", Avanca, Portugal
"Roof Top Films", Brooklyn, NY
"Arts on Division", Somerville, NJ
"Multiplexer’s September Exhibition", Las Vegas, NV
"Roof Top Films, Summer Series", Brooklyn, NY
"Magmart International Video Art Festival", Casoria Contemporary Art Museum,
Naples, Italy
"4x4", San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA
"The Santa Fe International New Media Festival", Santa Fe, New Mexico
"ARTchSO Africa video art", Rennes, France
"Annecy International Animation Festival", Annecy, France
"Melbourne International Animation Festival", Melbourne, Australia
"FILMIDEO", Index Art Center, Newark, NJ
"AMOA-Arthouse Screen Projects", Austin, TX
"Art RGSA Mini-Film Festival", SUNY Albany, NY
"ANIRMAU Animation Festiva", Lalín, Spain
"ReImagine:Ourselves", Yara Arts Group, Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, NY
"Gowanus Art Fair", New York, NY
2011 "Art & The City: Mirror1", CologneOFF 2011
- Beirut, Lebanon
- Rome, Italy
- Marrakech, Morocco
- TimiShort - Film Festival, Timisoara, Romania
"Art & the City: A Gesture of Generosity", CologeOFF 2011 Madrid, Spain
"Videoart from Africa", CologneOFF 2011
-Mexico City, Mexico
-Riga, Latvia
"Swedenborg Short Film Festival", London, UK
"Istanbul Animation Festival", Istanbul, Turkey
"One Minute Africa", nominated "Where History Begins", Cairo, Egypt
"International Black Film Festival", Nashville, TN
"Afrika in Motion Film Festival", Edinburgh, Scotland
"Silicon Valley African Film Festival", Mountain View, CA
"Ottawa Animation Festival", Ottawa, Canada "Under African Skies", Tria Gallery, New York, NY
"Paradoxes in Video", Garage 4141, San Diego, CA
"Stuttgart animation festival", Stuttgart, Germany
"DIGit 2011", Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY
"Media Wall", Oakland International Airport, Oakland, CA
"Frame of Mind", Denver, CL
"Exhibition LÚMEN_EX 2011", The Museum of Extremadura and Ibero American Contemporary Art, Badajoz, Spain
"PVE: Performance Video Event", University of the Street, New York, NY
"The Video Show", Raritan Valley Community College, Branchburg, NJ
2010 "African Rythms/ American Echoes", BAMart, Brooklyn, NY
"Animafrik Animation Festival", Accra, Ghana
2009 "Hunter MFA Thesis Show", Hunter College, New York, NY
"The Happening: Kinesics as Art ObjectÓ Rush Art Gallery, New York, NY
"MA Selects MFA", Hunter College, New York, NY
"Rush Arts in Miami", Miami, FL
"BINA Film Festival", New York, NY
2008 "Here to There", South Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA
"Reflection in Exile", South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA
2007 "Ethiopian Millennium art show", Howard University, Washington DC
"African Art Show", Washington DC
2006 "Blen art show", Washington DC
"[Other] Worldly", DCTV Firehouse, New York, NY
2005 "A Tribute to Spalding Gray", Performance Space 122, New York, NY
"Addis York Art", Orchard St. Gallery, New York, NY
"Square Foot", Awol Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
"Painting", The Laundry Gallery, Lock Haven, PA
"Square Foot", Art Gotham, New York, NY
"Painting", Saint Francis of Paola Parish, Brooklyn, NY
2004 "All School show", Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
"Window Display", Professional Stuffing Group, Devon Shire Street, Boston, MA
2002 "Roots Art Festival", Cambridge Adult Center, Cambridge, MA
Awards and Prizes
2011 Best Short Film, "Swedenborg Short Film Festival", UK
Best Animation, "International Black Film Festival", Nashville, USA
2009 Pamela Joseph Art Scholarship
2004 Dondis Godine Travel Fellowship
2004 Massachusetts Annual Black Achievement Award (HBA)
2004 Painting departmental award, Massachusetts College of Art
2003 Second place in painting contest, New Hampshire Art Association
1995 First place in HIV poster contest Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Teaching Experience
2012 "Introduction to Animation", Lecturer, University of California Santa Cruz, CA
2009 "Life Drawing", Taship with Professor Anthony Panzera, Hunter College, New York, NY
2008 "Thinking Drawing", TAship with Professor Susan Crile, Hunter College, New York, NY
Art Residencies
2011 The Substation, Johannesburg, South Africa
Château de la Napoule, France
Contemporary Artists Center Woodside, Troy, NY
2012 "Stop-action Animation", Introduction to Animation Guest Lecture, UCSC, CA
2011 "Interdisciplinary Evenings: Memory and Process", Addis Atlier, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
"Teret Teret", Ethiopian Television, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2005 "Art, Activism, and Community: Social Change Through Visual Arts", Tufts University, Medford, MA
"Ethiopian Story Collection Project", New England Conservatory, Boston, MA
07/2012 "July Featured Artist: Ezra Wube", 2 Op Collective
04/2011 "Hisab: The Hustle and Bustle of Addis Ababa in Short Animation", Tadias Magazine
09/2010 "Ethiopia Through Art", The Africa Channel
06/2010 "Ezra Wube And Time-Based Painting", Youngupstarts
06/2010 "Ezra Wube Art for Good", Rising Star Me
01/2010 "An Artist’s Journey, Freeze-Framed", The New York Times
05/2009 ""Interview with Ezra Wube", Abesha
03/2008 "Stop the Bastards!", The Boston Phoenix
03/2008 "African artists create art in response to the violence in their homeland", Patriot Ledger
01/2008 "Interview with Ezra Wube", Deutsche Welle Radio
07/2007 "Washington Square", The Literary Journal of the NYU Graduate Creative Writing Program
07/2007 "Stars Above Africa", The Walrus Magazine
01/2006 "Interview with Ezra Wube", XM Radio
07/2005 "Art Talk", Tadias Magazine
07/2003 "Tradition and Modernity", The Ethiopian Mirror
07/2002 "Interview with Ezra Wube", Improper Bostonian
Jody Zellen:
"Fragments" is an animation that portrays the actions and interactions of anonymous figures.
Jody Zellen is a Los Angles based artists who works in many media simultaneously,
making drawings, animations, photographs, installations, net art, public art and artists' books. 
She employs media-generated representations of contemporary and historic cities as raw material for
aesthetic and social investigations. To view her work visit www.jodyzellen.com.
Jean-Michel ROLLAND
5, rue de la Division Leclerc
91360 Epinay-sur-Orge - FRANCE
tel :
email : jim.rolland@free.fr
web : http://franetjim.free.fr
kype : jimrolland
A musician and a painter for a long time, I focus on video art and audiovisual performances to make my two favorite medium meet: sound and image.
At the origin of each of my creations, musicality plays a role as important as image does and each one influences the other by transmediality. The result is a
series of experimental videos and performances where sound and image are so inseparable that the one without the other would lose its meaning.
I particularly appreciate using short sequences (samples) and repeat them all along my experimentations, wishing to transfigure commonplaces into coherent
The sequences are treated as mere utensils, found objects, used to create visual and musical compositions at a time.
Unlike Scriabine's, Kandinsky's or even Schoenberg's works with whom I like to identify, neither sound or image come first ; the two mediums take birth in a
same creative impulse intended to be reactivated.
 My technique is to capture very short samples of about 2 or 3 seconds, where sound and image are straight away equally important. The strong constraint of my
approach is to never separate them but to play with their perceptive complementarity. These samples are multiplied in time but also in the picture, undergoing
successive distortions that affect the frame rate, color, scale, not to mention those imposed necessarily to sound. The repetition,
 time lag and arrangement of the samples create a near-musical rhythm that in some cases may be at the origin of the final composition.
To summarize, sound, rhythm, musicality on the one hand and the constantly evolving plastic composition on the other are inseparable elements of my approach. It’s how I
 get what I call rhythm'n'split.
I force myself to the utmost simplicity in the audiovisual shootings inspired by everyday life. Neon tubes that light up, passing cars, banging doors, ringing phones
become visual “OCD”. Things are distorted and manipulated, reassembling a new obsessive and compulsive reality, close to Dada by its humor and only made sustainable
y the rhythmic harmony obtained. From the chaos and apparent anarchy of these collages emerges an aesthetic based not on the meaning or the message but on the
intermedial coherence between sound and image. My videos are as aesthesic as aesthetic, in order to bring the viewer to experience the immediate sensory elements of
everyday life.
 Convinced that art must leave the premises devoted it and come out to meet people, I try to deal with video art as street artists do, with the desire to deliver the essential
 in just a few lines or blocks of color. I do not want my videos to live on the margins of society, solely locked in official art places, but to fit into the urban landscape to
become accessible to everyone.
 To go further in that direction, I decided to produce audiovisual performances, extensions of my videos, to try to share
the aesthetic experience with the public in a unity of place and time, like the musicians who perform in concert after having produced their album digitally.
Ali Kirby:
Ali is currently in my third year of a degree in fine art in Limerick School of Art and Design, specialising in Sculpture and
Combined Media.
My practice is mainly object based, combining making with found objects. I also work with photography, video and installation. In this
video I am exploring themes of cultural identity, anxiety and the subjectivity of memory, using domestic objects to create a highly
charged environment.
Ali will be presenting "Dwell."


 - audio design and production by Ciaran Bradshaw

 Katrazyna Randall and Dawn Nye:

Katrazyna Randall and Dawn Nye have been making collaborative works since 2001. They have been i
n exhibits and festivals across the United States, most recently at The Art Kitchen in Milan Italy. T
hey both currently live and work in Maine, U.S.A.
 Ms. Randall has shown all over the United States, as well as in Micronesia. S
he is a combined media artist who uses traditional media as well as new media to explore her subjects. Her work
is influenced by philosophy, social criticism, design, politics and the history of art.
  Ms. Nye has worked as a graphic designer but has maintained a studio art practice for the last 20
years. In her work she is most concerned with telling stories of conflicting human desires, best
intentions, beauty and futility. She uses humor, pathos and the history of image to connect to i
deas that cannot be accurately described with words. She is influenced by graphic design, film,
animation, music, literature and the history of art--but also by the people she meets,
the neighborhoods she has lived in and the headlines she reads.

Francoise Lejeune:
5, rue de la Division Leclerc
91360 Epinay-sur-Orge - FRANCE
Web : http://franetjim.free.fr
cell : 37 10 48
Email : francoiselejeune@yahoo.fr
SIRET : : 508 242 740 00019
Jeremiah Jones:


The Guggenheim


Studio Workshop Sackler Educator 12/2009 - 2011

Brooklyn Museum

Gallery Studio Instructor 09/2011-Current

The New Museum

Museum Educator Global Classroom 09/2010-2011

American Folk Art Museum

Museum Educator 09/2009- 2011

Museum of

Modern Art

Teen Programs 2009 School year

School of The Art Institute of Chicago 2011-2013

The Evergreen State College


Brooklyn Museum

Intern Art Educator 2008-2009


Teaching Artist

Teaching studio art lessons based on the museums collection for K-12 school groups.

Encouraging students to experiment with the materials and ideas they dis- cover while studying the exhibitions.

Installed and mainted Film And Video art for the Guggenheim Exhibition “Haunted” and “Found in Translation”

Taught inquiry based lessons in the galleries
Integrated themes and ideas from gallery studies into studio art experiments.

Media taught: Print Making, Video, Animation, Sculpture, Drawing, Performance

Museum Educator for the New Museum High School / Teen partnership program.

Teaching interactive art lessons, gallery workshops, and classes related to contemporary art

Teaching gallery lessons for K-12 school groups, and community groups.

Researched special exhibitions and the permanent collection to create new lessons in response to the needs of visiting student groups.

Studio Teaching Apprentice for Summer Program: “Art & Action: Perfor- mance and Conceptual art.” and Fall Program

“From Still To Life, Video And Animation.”


MFA candidate, Visual Arts with a focus of time based media

Interdisciplinary practice: Fiber, Video, Animation Performance


Bachelor of the Arts: with an interdisciplinary focus on Museum Studies,




Feminism, Media, Art and Literature.


Award: Visual Arts Grant, Senior Thesis Fund

Responsibilities included leading gallery and studio educational programs, daily gallery tours for NY public schools, teaching in 

school partnernships and studio art classes.


Art and Activism A Participatory Practice

“We are going to be poor forever” Solo Show Gallery X, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago 2012

Downcast Eyes, Internet Superhero’s at Museum of Contemporary Art (non curated show) 2012

Shapeshifters, dfbrl8r gallery Chicago 2011 Brooklyn Museum, Staff Show 2011
Artists Talk at Animus Salon, Brooklyn 2011 In Rivers Gallery, April 2011

“Don’t Worry UPS is Hiring” 2011

MONO NO AWARE, Lumenhouse Gallery Nov 2010
Christopher Henry Gallery,” T-Minus 20” LES July 2010
In Rivers Gallery, Group Show Greenpoint Brooklyn December 2010 Mythologized, Beta Spaces 2010 Self Curated Group Show
Boxed In and Out, 2010 (Arts in Bushwick)
Digital Chiaroscuro 2010 at Brooklyn Fireproof (Arts in Bushwick) Anarchist Art Festival, The Living Theater NYC 2010
Magically Delicious, at Party Expo Brooklyn 2010
Site Festival, Brooklyn 2010
Windows & Mirrors, 25 Central Park West Gallery NYC 2010

Nihilist Film, Los Angeles CA 2009
Formless In Context, Arts In Bushwick 2009
Brooklyn Museum, Staff Show 2009
MonkeyTownHQ, with Carcinogenic Static Carnival, Brooklyn 2009

Tacoma Film Festival, Tacoma Art Museum, Washington 2008

The 25th Annual Olympia Film Society Festivals, Olympia WA 08

“Slowtime/Dreamtime” Touring Show originating in Cologne, Germany Selected Venues:

“Digital Media Fest” Valencia Spain 2008
French Cultural Center Andre? Malraux Sarajevo/Bosnia 2007 “Videofestival Celje” Slovenia 2007
“The International Digital Art Festival” Argentina 2007

The 24th Annual Olympia Film Society Festivals, Olympia WA 2007

Occupy Chicago, Group Show Uri Eichen Gallery Pilson Chicago, 2012

BRIC Arts Brooklyn: Teaching Artist residency 2011

Public access TV experimental video show “Safe Harbor” 2005-08

Conducted workshops on Independent Media, Print making, and Puppetry at various community spaces and activist conferences



 Jena Cummiskey:
Jena Cummiskey is a designer and interactive artist who lives and works in Florida. Her work focuses on the r
elationship between the interface and contemporary culture. She received her BFA in Intermedia from the Pacific
Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.
Larisa David: 



Bio Eggs, has a ritualistic form in which the action of breaking is repeated over and over, reminding us of the habit of destroying

objects on New Year’s Eve, in some cultures, to purify oneself. The eggs employed in the work, are filled with confetti, making

the moment of them breaking sensational, but also commenting on the sensationalism of destruction with no point seen on screen.

Larisa David

Born in 1988, in Targu-Mures, Romania. I live and work in Bucharest, Romania.

I work with video, installation, photo-collages and photography.

My work is focused on identity behavior, and how synthetic constructed conducts take form and are influencing us in daily practices.

I am interested in the line between fiction and lived life, between nonsense and sense; the way life is portrayed in narratives and plots of mainstream forms,

interrogating the behaviors and values that are absorbed and used in local contexts.

Because many behaviors are normalized by media and arguably we are raised by entertainment industry, I take a look at, and confront popular visual culture: films,

commercials and music videos, in search for the hidden meaning in the media’s official discourse. My position is that we all need to be habitants of global culture,

to understand constructions artificially made that are invading our lives and influencing our perception.

I appropriate, interpret and recycle existing material, remove elements to disrupt their form and reconfigure them with a new grammar that allows me to dig

deeper to their core and highlight their hidden content. This process allows me to make strange and unnatural images, revealing a new visual grammar.

Eliminating certain elements, like brands, products or narrative, allows understanding of the fetishistic nature of gestuality and absurd choreographies that are

employed in creating images.

I explore in my video work, time, performativity and repetition, reminding viewers of the mechanical aspect of video, but also to trivialize actions, to center on the

sisyphean aspect of life. I tend to use repetition and loops because I find them powerful and obsessive, relating to specific psychological impulses and at another l

evel,  mimicking the continuous loop of images and gestures in our culture.

I am looking for ways to insert in my work juxtaposing elements to explore banality, creating images that are built on tension and confusion.

I insert new possibilities, détourned domestic objects and actions, to form an altered reality gravitating around chaos and order. The piece,

I received a Bachelor Degree in 2010, in Fine Arts, Photography, Video and Digital Image Processing at the University of Art, Bucharest. In 2009,

I received an Erasmus scholarship to study for one semester at Brera University in Milan. In 2012, I received my Master Degree in Video Art, at the

University of Art, Bucharest.

Selected Exhibitions/Group Exhibitions/Festivals

2012 Bear with Me/Aud Bucuresti , Galeria Posibila, Bucharest, Romania.

2012 (Prima si ultima) bienala de rezultate. Despre ursi, domnitori, chipuri, sentimente, lumina, sunet, haine, cuptoare si hipermarketuri", Platforma, Anexa

MNAC, Bucharest.

2011 Celalart Corp/The Other Body, Victoria Art Center for Contemporary Cultural Production, Bucharest, Romania

2011 Corpul supravegheat/Body under Surveillance, Victoria Art Center for Contemporary Cultural Production, Bucharest, Romania

2010| 6X6, Athens, Georgia, U.S.A

2010| Temp D’Images, Section: Temp D’Ecoles D’Images, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Kalii Charif:

Khalil Charif, (b.1967, Rio de Janeiro) began his artistic education in the
scenic art in 1985, when he joined a theatrical company for a few years. In
late 90's, while living in New York City, attended Parsons School and NYU.
Afterwards, studied at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, obtained a post-
graduate degree in Art History, and further studies in Art-Philosophy. His work
field follows the art media that best respond to the specificity of project or idea
in which he is immerse - that has been mostly in videoart, performance and
photography, among others. He has participated in several exhibitions and
festivals, including: “Low Lives 4”, USA, 2012. “60n Os International Film
Festival”, Norway, 2012. "24es Instants Vidéo", France, 2011. “Façade
VideoArt Festival”, Bulgaria, 2011-2010. “Foto Lage / FotoRio”, Brazil, 2009.
“International Triennale of Contemporary Art”, Czech Rep., 2008. “Rencontres
Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid”, France, Germany, Spain, 2008-2007.
VideoLab, Coimbra, Portugal – 2006. 




Zhu Xiaowen:

Artist Bio:
Xiaowen Zhu is a media artist with a primary focus on video. She uses the medium to explore her interest in the change of personal

perception in a global nomadic context. Most of her work deal with the motivation and reflection of going/existing elsewhere and the

in-between space of a culturally complex environment. She is described as a visual poet, social critic and aesthetic researcher.

Her questions are often raised not only from her own experience as an international traveler, but also from her observation and reflection as

acritical thinker and an active communicator.

Currently, Xiaowen Zhu resides in California for a year-long artist fellowship program at San Pedro, the port of Los Angeles.

She received her MFA in Art Video from Syracuse University, USA and BA in Film, TV & Media Arts from Tongji University, China. During

her undergraduate study, she attended an exchange program in Academy of Art and Design Offenbach in Germany.

Her projects have been shown at Dumbo Arts Center (New York, USA), V2_Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), I

SEA2011 (Istanbul, Turkey), Videonale (Berlin, Germany), Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago, USA), Strozzina Art Space


Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts (Norwich, UK), Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse, USA), Shanghai eArts Festival(Shanghai, China),

Toronto Urban Film Festival (Toronto, Canada), DOK Munich (Munich, Germany), Athens Video Art Festival (Athens, Greece) and etc.

Jeremy Newman:

Producer/Director: Jeremy Newman

Phone Call in Noir (3 min, 2010, Silent) http://vimeo.com/38889437

This is a three-minute re-edit...

of the B-movie "Shock" (Alfred Werker, 1946) that tells a fictional couple’s September 11th story. This video, built on a calendar square

dated“Tuesday, September 11,” explores collective memory surrounding the terrorist attacks, and questions the veracity of authored

film texts.

The Vase (1 min, 2009, Silent) http://vimeo.com/38740030

In this video, a mysterious young woman clips off sunflower heads, wrecking havoc on a vase of crickets. The desperate, yet graceful

 movements of the insects are a silent plea against environmental degradation. The directorial manipulations evident in the work ultimately

serve to question the veracity of documentary nature cinematography.


Jeremy Newman has directed numerous documentary and experimental videos. His work is frequently shown at film festivals and has

also aired on several PBS stations. He is Assistant Professor of Communications at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Newman

earned an MFA in Media Arts from The Ohio State University.

Emilie Crewe :

(b. 1987, Quebec City, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist working in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work often takes the form of

video installation, sound, sculpture and single-channel video. She received a BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Art from the Nova Scotia

College of Art and Design University

in 2009. In the spring of 2011, she received an MFA in Studio Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the department of

Film, Video, New Media and Animation. Recent exhibition history includes the Governor's Island Art Fair in New York, NY,

 the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, IL, and the Khyber Institute of Contemporary Art in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Screenings include

"The Labor Party" at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA, the Chicago Underground Film Festival "Salonathon", Alchemy Film

 and Moving Image Festival in Hawick, Scotland, and OK.Video FLESH at the National Gallery of Indonesia.


Lemeh42 is an italian artist.
Lemeh42 creates animations, illustrations and wall drawing performances.
Lemeh42 works have been presented at art fairs, animation festivals and art exhibitions.
Since 2009 Lemeh42 is represented by L'Ariete artecontemporanea Gallery.

Info: lemeh42.indivia.net

 Javril Well:

                                       Javril – Artist statement

Javril’s work represents a vision of the world as it is experienced and as it is imagined by one individual. Javril extracts everyday events and occurrences

and analyses them through video and other media. The outcome of thes explorations of the world is a body of work that is simultaneously universal

and personal. The work focuses particularly on places of consumption, sites of mobility and public spaces, as these spaces are a type of crossroad of

complexity that seems to characterise contemporary society. Javril’s work appears as a kind of naïve sociology, innocently prodding and exploring what

may be mundane or banal, but that can also reveal new dimensions not normally expected or experienced. By focusing the subject matter on the

outside world a sense of the modern human experience is evoked. However such close examinations of the mundane produce a new outcome: the utterly

familiar is made strange through exploring them through new associations

and interpretations.

Javril lives and works in Paris, France.


Station from JAVRIL on Vimeo.


Scott F. Hall: Janae N. Corrado, Elise Frost, Freya Gustava, and Eleni Manolaraki

Scott F. Hall is an artist working in sound, music, instrument design, still images, video, and sculpture. Hall has invented unique instruments

such as the microtonal power ambient bass, harmonitar, arpegguitar, and the duoquadramonotar. He has created several original sound

practices which range from the capture of field recordings to composition within the harmonious confines of twelve-tone music to

creating sound in ways which are essentially free from the shackles of tuning and time. Mr. Hall will be presenting videos with stereo

 sound by Scott F. Hall, Janae N. Corrado, Elise Frost, Freya Gustava, and Eleni Manolaraki.

Eleni Manolaraki holds a Ph.D in Classics from Cornell University. Before acquiring professorship at the University of South Florida,

she taught at Williams College in Massachusetts and at Washington University in St. Louis. Her fields of specialization in which she

is widely published are Roman historiography, epic, oratory, and natural history.

Freya Gustava is a lyricist, singer, and experimental artist from Houghton le Spring, Tyne and Wear, UK.

Elise Frost is a summa cum laude BFA graduate from the University of Florida in Dance Performance. Choreography and improvisation

have been focal in her artistic exploration of movement and life. Her strong belief in the power of the artistic journey through daily

expression has been influential in her research of many unique art forms that contribute to the universal human experience. Frost trained

 with many renowned artists nationally and internationally and conducted many workshops and classes as a teacher at Harwood-Watson

Dance Studios. She has choreographed dance and theatre works for the University of Florida, the Johnny Holloway Theatre, and three

professional dance companies.

Janae N. Corrado's dreamlike and surreal work is a fusion of personal experience and influence created though a partially intuitive

process which mines her own subconscious and the human collective memory. Amorphous wash applications and the sinuous grain of

the wood panels she often paints upon combine to provide an open field for viewer cloudreading. However, her process of nearly

automatic drawing gently focuses meaning in her pieces. Corrado's work is rich with timeless visual elements, moody atmospheres,

and the romantic narrative subtext of a 19th century Symbolist expressed uniquely in the diverse international context of contemporary art.


Marita Contreras:


109 17th Avenue

St. Pete Beach, FL 33706







I was born in Lima, Perú, a country ravaged by terrorism and civil unrest. Despite its chaos, Perú is also a land

of great natural and artistic beauty. My country’s conflict between violence and aesthetics has served as the greatest

influence on my work.

 After graduating from college in Perú, I immigrated to the United States to pursue a MS in Industrial Engineering at the

University of Texas. My engineering career allowed me to escape the restrictions placed upon women in my homeland

as a result of gender. Still, while working as an engineer, I continued to pursue my life-long interest in fine arts. After

years of being torn between my daily professional career and my nightly classes, I finally decided to fully devote myself

to the study of art. My journey took me to New York City where I obtained a MFA degree in Photography, Video and

Related Media at the School of Visual Arts. I currently live and work in Florida exploring my vision through photography,

video and installation. I teach in the Visual Arts Department at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL.


Danny Winkler and Emilia Loseva:


Biography – Danny Winkler and Emilia Loseva


The main principle of these works is the becoming of images. They follow the shadows dancing in the reading halls of estranged planes – containing the

 descriptive forms of fashion, ancient ritual texts and those of contemporary philosophers, stylised haiku poetry and metaphysics; projecting a visual world

that hides within the blink of an eye – of the art of Sergey Parajanov, turbulent priests, desert roads, torn-apart images, faded photographs, untamed animals

staring into the camera lens.

Our present occupation is a new video art work, drawing together video, Super-8 and still images within a narrative inspired by the stories of Gustav Meyrink.

 We are working on a book of English translations of the Russian Futurist poet Vasilisk Gnedov for Wakefield Press, following translations of Russian

Futurist poets for St. Petersburg band ZGA and Chris Cutler. Further art collaborations include the completion of a book for a multi-disciplinary

Peat Art project, sponsored and issued by the Latvian Artists’ Union, currently on tour in Latvia and Sweden (www.peatprojects.com).

Danny Winkler started his artistic career as an experimental art-photographer, having previously worked on development, environmental and media

 projects for the United Nations, One World Media and the British Council. Having completed postgraduate Visual Anthropology studies at Goldsmiths College

in London, he is currently directing films, working on documentary scripts for TV and writing freelance.

Emilia Loseva is an independent author and artist who has developed concepts, designed installations and written essays for art events, booklets and

catalogues. Published in Russian language newspapers and magazines, including Labrit, Biznes Baltija, Ibo, Daugava and Tretja Modernizacija, and author

of the projects Czuzhiye and Metro, she is currently completing a book of poetry for publication with illustrations by the artist Dmitry Lavrentjev.

 Recent art events include:

  • ·    Untransparent Objects in Mirrors (2011)  Art-installation curated by the Latvian National Museum, Riga;
  • ·    The Other Side (2010)  An exhibition of lithographs and video-installation, Riga;
  • ·    The Teeth of Maldoror





Hiddagal (46’, UK, in production)  Apocalyptical elegy evoking the themes of Gustav Meyrink;

2x2=5  (55’, UK, 2012)  A tale of quantum physics and madness with sculptor of discarded materials Alex Chobur;

Twelve haikus in lethargy (unfinished)  (7’, India, 2010)  Three lines of verse draw on the correlation between image and phenomena, capturing

with minimal means of expression the rhythm of the way of things;

Than  (27’, India, 2010)  A road journey to Than Monastery in Kutch decorated by Gilles Deleuze vocabulary and accompanied by Charlemagne Palestine’s


Ebir N?ri (Beyond The River)  (66’, India-Azerbaijan-Georgia-UK, 2009)  Tracing a story of mythical geography and ancient death rituals, the film is a raw

contemplation on the images of life and the hereafter;

Genghis Khan’s Dreams  (13’, Armenia-UK, 2009)  Art-movie and video installation drawn from footage shot in the Museum of Sergey Parajanov, with

the industrial flavour to cut, reassemble and recreate new imagery in unknown space.


Early films by Danny Winkler:

Nomads of the Desert Bloom  (38’, UK, 2007)  A visual essay on clothes and mutation amongst stylists of the Contemporary

 Wardrobe Collection and curators of the Horse Hospital in London;

Dreams Money Can Buy  (4’, UK, 2007)  Music video editor for 1980’s band Manicured Noise;

Madesu Ya Bana (Beans for the Children)  (21’, 2005)  Documentary on Congolese music & immigration in London;

Stephie Grows Up  (40’, UK, 2005)  The oral testimony of an Angolan refugee in London;

The Real Human  (22’, UK, 2005)  A day in the life of a depressive old hippy;

The Monument  (7’, UK, 2005)  An atmospheric meditation on monumental architecture.



9th Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT, Kaunas, Lithuania, 13 September -31 December 2013

Video installation at Traverse Vidéo Festival, Chapelle des Carmélites, Toulouse, France, 7-24 March 2012

Video installation at International Festival for Experimental Art, Manege Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia, August 2010

Cinematograf art exhibition at Marc Chagall Museum, Vitebsk, Belarus, April 2009 (retrospective)



MADATAC 04 (Madrid, Dec 2012), VideoBardo International Videopoetry Festival (Buenos Aires, Nov 2012),

Bideodromo Internacional Experimental Film and Video Festival (Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz, Oct 2012 & 2011),

Façade Video Festival (Plovdiv, Sept 2011), The Forest arts space (Edinburgh Festival, Aug 2011),

Videoholica International Video Art Festival (Varna, Aug 2011) (+ Special Selection tour: VisualContainerTV (Milan, Mar-May 2012),

Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art (Sofia, May-June 2012), “Kaunas in Art. Talking” Meno Parkas Galerija (Kaunas, May-July 2012)),

Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival (Pärnu, July 2011 & 2010),

BlueBanana Video Art Contest finalist (Landau, July 2011), iotaCenter (Los Angeles, 2011), Vallecas Puerta del Cine (Madrid, Nov 2010),

Portobello Film Festival (London, Sept 2010), FilmVideo2010 (Montecatini Terme, July 2010), London Filmmakers Convention (London, May 2010),

I’ve Seen Films International Short Film Festival (Milan, Oct 2009), ERA New Horizons Film Festival (Wroclaw, July 2009),

Chile International Short Film Festival (Santiago, Oct 2008), Clerkenwell Film Festival (London, 2007).


Will Copps: 

Copps is a 26-year-old audio/visual artist from Washington, DC. He has spent the last nine years writing, performing, and recording music in various local groups.

In that setting, Copps first integrated audio and video and developed his unique visual style, particularly focusing on color, contrast, and synesthetic

interactions. Copps won an Award of Excellence from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and has shown in such locations as the

Smithsonian Institute.

Diran Lyons:
Diran Lyons Mobile: 559.696.0451E-mail: diran.lyons@gmail.com
Internet Movie Database (IMDb) ProfileYouTube Channels: LYONSPOTTER / DiranLyons
2004 MFA, New Genres and Painting, University of California, Santa Barbara2000 BA, Sculpture and Painting,
California State University, Fresno 
Diran Lyons studied Sculpture and Painting at California State University, Fresno and New Genres and Painting at
University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was a Regents Fellow.
His art practice is heavily conceptual with exacting craft and edgy content, including indoor and outdoor installation,
video and photography, painting and drawing, and performance. Committed to the tradition established by
Joseph Kosuth, Robert Smithson, and Barnett Newman, he embraces the written word as a critical part of his
artistic practice, publishing texts and making paper presentations concerning philosophical issues, his own
artwork, and that of others.
Lyons currently lives and works in Clovis, California, exhibiting different bodies of artwork nationally and
internationally. His Political Remix Videos have been featured on major media outlets,
including Wired Magazinemaxkeiser.com, and the IMDb most popular short film ratings, where he was the first
remix artist ever to reach #1. Examples of his remix work have been presented at Ars Electronica in Linz,
Austria, Open Video Conference at New York University, and ROFLcon at Massachusetts
Institute of Technology. 
His viral video 99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix) won the Pirate Flix Video Remix contest, curated by
 Cory Doctorow, and was featured on Entertainment Weekly,BillboardBoingBoingBuzzFeedCollege Humor
Daily DotDigital SpyEgoTripLandfuse.tv, Gawker, Guardian Music, Hip Hop Chronicle UKHuffington Post
Mashable,MediaiteMTV's Liquid TelevisionMSNNME.comNY MagazineOCWeeklySF WeeklySlate Magazine,
 Atlantic WireTIMEVIBE MagazineWorld Star Hip HopYahoo NewsYidio, and Zimbio. Lyons' participation in
notable film festivals and video exhibitions includes LA Shorts Fest in Hollywood, CA; Athens Video Art Festival 2010
 in Athens, Greece;RE/Mixed Media Festival in Brooklyn, NY; WPA\C’s After Effects at Corcoran Gallery of Art,
Washington DC; Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria, British Columbia,Canada;Xperimental 5 Film Festival in
Nicosia, Cyprus; International Film Festival no. 10/2007 at the Museum of New Art in Detroit, MI; amongst others.
His feature length experimental film, Goodbye Victoria (2009), won the “Best Feature Film” award at the Chashama
Film Festival in Manhattan and earned the honor of inclusion in the 2009 Streaming Festival highlight features program.
Lyons’ 2006 solo museum exhibition, ENGULFED, at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art in Largo, FL, affirmed the
repurposing of existing ideas and materials by advancing Friedrich Nietzsche’s notionof the aesthetic object
as a ‘Creative Lie.’ The exhibit consisted of six works tailored to appear as a group show of internationally recognized
artists whose practices rework classical theories of the sublime. The artworks therein, produced by Lyons himself,
were original and hitherto unseen by the public but labeled with the names of the artists fictitiously included in the
exhibit.The illusory environment called into question the reductive qualities of museological discourse and its role as a
trusted gatekeeper of art as a homogenous archive of recognizable bodies of knowledge. 

Lani Asuncion:









Lani Asuncion received her BFA in sculpture and painting, minoring in printmaking at Middle Tennessee

State University. Drawing influence from growing up in Tennessee, Hawaii, and Okinawa, Japan, Asuncion

continued to create dynamic imagery through sculpture, performance, and video at the University of

Connecticut where she received her MFA. Asuncion has shown nationally and internationally at galleries and

art festivals in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Los Angeles; NYC; Gothenburg, Germany; and the UK. She currently

works full-time at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT as a Media Production Specialist, and is an adjunct

Professor for the School of Communications Film, Video, and Interactive Media program.

Her work has been reviewed and printed in the Vol. 6, Rabbit Press in Nashville, TN, and included in

Aspect EZ: Vol. 4, Déjà Vu limited edition DVD printing by ASPECT: The Chronicle for New Media, Boston, MA.





Place becomes a starting point of reference within my work. By taking the histories, local folklore, and

mythology of specific locations and filtering it through the myriad of my own personal history I am able to create

a hybrid of contextual imagery within my videos and installations. My work addresses experiences of being

an Asian American woman integrated into multiple cultures paralleled with an upbringing in the Southern

 United States. Throughout each video there is a reflection of my multicultural background interwoven with

contrasting historic locations and environments that construct a dynamic contextual network of iconic referenced

imagery. Translated through the medium of video I use cinema and poetic imagery to produce an

 abstract visual story.


 Nadya Primak:


Bio: Nadya Primak is currently halfway through her senior year of college at Oberlin majoring in

Visual Arts (with a concentration in Computer Science) and Russian. She was born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia,

but her family moved to the United States when she was four years old. Since then she has lived in several

different states and had the privilege of traveling back to her place of birth and elsewhere abroad. The

 internet and new media was what kept her sane when she didn't know where to call home and, because

 of its ever changing nature, she doubts she will ever tire of it.


Karl Baumann:





 Karl Baumann is a digital artist, filmmaker, and scholar. His current work explores immersive and mobile cinema to

navigate the complex layers of urban spaces. After completing an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) at UC Santa

Cruz, Karl taught media literacy with the Boys and Girls Club and participated heavily in Occupy Oakland. In addition to

his locative and playable media projects, Karl has produced multiple feature documentaries and experimental videos,

within the US and internationally. He is currently an Annenberg Fellow in the Interdivisional Media Arts Practice (iMAP)

PhD program at the University of Southern California.


Divergent Shadows from Karl Baumann on Vimeo.



Adam Sammons:

Undergraduate Studies The Evergreen State College 2008-2009


The Most Infamous Girl in the History of the Internet w/ Parker Ito @ NTT InterCommunication Center Tokyo, Japan
Computers Club Drawing Society
High School Art Show @ Forgetus Gallery Toronto, Canada
Phone Arts
Computers Cult


2008 *Best Short Film* Mt. Hood Film Festival Portland, OR


2012 - Recsund - Sea Nile Dimension (London)
2011 - Emeralds - Goes By (Cleveland)
2011 - Aids-3D - 2X (Berlin)
2011 - Dolphins Into The Future - Onset - Beyond Clouds (Antwerp)
2011 - Dreams In Mirror Field - Dreams In Mirror Field (NYC)
2008 - 7 Pin Dinner - Brush Your Teeth (UK)
2007 - Le Rug - Gloss (NYC)


2012 - Digital Remix of the Parked Domain Girl (Rhizome Artbase Selection)
2011 - Emeralds - Music Video (Incredible Mountain Of New Media)
2011 - Dolphins Into the Future - Music Video (Altered Zones)


New Age Visions Issue #6 (Published by Grace Miceli)
New Age Visions Issue #5 (Published by Grace Miceli)
30+ music news articles (Impose Magazine)


Sandra Arau?jo aka s.ara 



Visual artist and VJ undergoing the MA in Artistic Studies – Theory and Critic of Art program at Faculty of Fine

Arts of University of Porto.

s.ara?s animations evolve through an experimental and explorative process of the visual culture of video games

and the spread of popular gif files. That aesthetic choice reflects and reiterates lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images

of early computer machines.

CV filmography

Sandra Arau?jo
Rua D. Joa?o IV, 433, 1o F 4000-302 Porto
(+351) 918 147 244


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2012, 2
?56??, HD 16:9, color, sound

2010, 3
?54??, HD 4:3, color, sound


best experimental, ?SEE://DATA?, 2010 UFRAME International Academic Video Festival, A Corun?a, Spain


2012 ?tape loading error?, International Streaming Festival, The Hague, Netherlands 2012 ?tape loading error?, Weengushk Internacional Film

Festival, Sudbury, ON, Canada 2012 ?tape loading error?, MIA Screen, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA, USA 2012 ?tape loading

error?, UFRAME International Academic Video Festival, Sa?o Paulo,Brazil

2012 ?tape loading error?, Calaveras International Film Festival, Murphys, CA, USA 2012 ?tape loading error?, Simultan Festival,

Timisoara, Romania

2012 ?tape loading error?, BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film and Video

Festival, Bilbao, Spain
?SEE://DATA?, in ?Double Hanging?, Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto, Porto,

?SEE://DA T A?, Fantasporto Oporto International Film Festival, Porto, Portugal 2010 ?SEE://DA T A?, Moving Frames Festival,

Mytilene, Greece 


tape loading error by s.ara


Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of

Magritte's surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular elements and texture, thus sharing, the action

with layers that emulate lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer machines. 

Paul Beck:






ARTIST COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:  United State of America
ADDRESS ( street, nr, city, code ):  1707 Newton st. Austin TX. 78704
EMAIL ADDRESS:  paulbeckproductions@gmail.com

WEBSITE /BLOG: www.paulbeckproductions.com